Huel only weight loss long time experience

Just my view and experience of efficiently losing weight with Huel RTD or powder.
I know i will have a bit of kickback on calorie intake but this has now worked for me multiple times when i have wanted to shed some weight ,its not easy but neither is dieting anyway.
To lose weight i restrict myself to 2 huel rinks per day 800 calories total i also have 1 instant soup 116 calories and a few coffee or teas with milk no sugar probably adds upto around 100 calories for the milk.
After the first 2 weeks which are difficult i find my body gets used to the low calories and am no longer craving food.
I generally find i lose around 8lb a month on this plan although it may not be for everyone it works perfectly for me.
Just for the record i am 55yrs old 5ft8" male current weight is 12stone am not an active person anymore so no exercise after just shifting another stone over around 7 weeks.
I put weight on really easy so following holidays can easily put around 10lb on so always follow this routine to lose it again.

That’s not a very healthy way to live, is there not any type of exercise you can do?

Hi Lee

Struggle daily with normal life due to disabilities so the best way to lose weight or keep it off is through calorie deficit.
I do make sure to take daily requirements on vitamins that the rtd doesn’t provide
Just don’t want to exacerbate my health issues by also carrying excess weight.

The only way anyone ever loses weight is through calorie deficit but increasing the calories you use is always positive.
You might well be very limited in what you can do but it’s rare that there’s nothing.
DM me if you’d like any help.


You write “long term” - how long have you been doing this?

Around 4 years.

Was it successful? What is your current BMI?

Currently 25.4 Bmi yes works everytime for me as said i tend to gain weight easily during holidays but just move back into this schedule to lose it again.
I like my food and drink to much on my holidays :smiling_face:

You like your food? That means you are not on 100% Huel any longer? And what was your initial BMI?

No i never stated i was 100% huel all the time i move to 5 days per week when i am at the right weight but i over indulge on holidays therefore gaining weight and going 100% Huel on occasions.
When i initially started Huel 4 years ago my Bmi was around 31.8 and i got down to a bmi of 24.3 on the regime i stated.


It seems that most Huel users have a normal BMI. Most seem to have lost weight after starting it - I know nobody who has managed to gain weight with Huel.