Huel "order renew" - No Policy

To whom it may concern,

Order # 1276169
I received a message and order confirmation.

Firstly, order renew by 14/03 means to be delivered by 14/03. We are talking about food supply here.

Secondly, I received a note on expected delivery date: “Due to high demand, deliveries are currently taking a little longer than usual. We apologise for any inconvenience.”
This sounds as bad joke unfortunately. There is no actual delivery date given at all.
What are do you expect customer to do? Wait with no ETA given eating grass instead?

Why Huel did not share the note about “deliveries taking little longer” to scheduled delivery customers before hand?

I tried to contact Huel on Customer Service line - NO AGENTS AVAILABLE - automated answer.
Huel UK is located in Tring - 3 miles from where I live.
Not possible to contact Huel so I get my order collected.

I’m deeply disappointed with Huel customer service.

Please provide delivery ETA.

Please fulfil scheduled order asap. Every day is a delay which is caused by Huel process.

Hi the subscription renewal date is not the delivery date - its the date the order and payment is processed - The UK office hours are 9am to 5pm (Mon-Fri).

FYI – Tring is only Huel’s office location, products for UK customers are despatched from their fulfilment supplier in Wellingborough.

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Yeah if you want the delivery by the 14th i would make sure it is ordered at least 2 days before just to be safe.

We are terribly sorry about the delay with your delivery, usually we offer next day delivery for UK orders so if an order is placed before 9pm you should receive your order the next day.

However due to high demand at the moment, we are experiencing some delays. We have put a message on our website saying ’ Due to high demand, deliveries are currently taking a little longer than usual. We apologise for any inconvenience’.

We are trying to get orders out as quickly as possible, this can mean a couple of days delay and I’m afraid.

Again we are sorry about this, due to a large influx of contacts we are offering a call back service in order to reply to customers messages as quickly as possible.

As Phil said our Tring office is simply our HQ and isn’t where we ship orders from.

We are terribly sorry to have caused you any stress with delivery.

The date on your subscription is the date the order is processed and sent out for delivery, (usually with next day delivery) so we do apologise for any confusion caused here.

I can see your order will be delivered today by Ionut, your DPD driver, between 11:58 and 12:58.

If there is anything else we can do for you at all, please do let us know.

Thank you to all Huel staff members who helped to fix the issue.
I have received my order on Monday actually, after it was paid on Saturday.
Well done indeed!

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