Huel questionnaire

Anyone receive the Huel questionnaire? It’s pretty lengthy :thinking:
I’ve been as honest as I can :heart:

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Yea I completed it also. Took quite a while. However there was no mention of healthy home cooked meals and focused more on ready meals. :smirk:

I’ve received it but not opened the email to read it yet

Thanks for that mate :rofl:

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That’s quite alright. I was just answering the question. :slight_smile:

I started it but I did not feel comfortable answering some of the questions. There is no option to pass on some questions, so I stopped.


nah. seems like i’m missing out on the good stuff again. :slight_smile:

Started it but gave up as there were too many questions, think I got about halfway?

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I’ve not had it. I must be new.

You can’t read. So they didn’t bother

Me too, a lot of data, takes too long

Thanks to anyone who got through the survey, sorry it was so long! Going to be really useful for us, so if you managed it, thank you!

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