Huel Ready-to-drink EXPLOSIONS

Hi all,

Day 2 of using Huel ready to drink, I substituted lunch with it, but I had to run the bathroom and had (look away if you’re eating) the worst Diarrhoea I have ever experienced.

I looked through previous posts and can see quite a few other people having similar issues but that’s with the shakes rather than the ready to drink bottles.

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be avoided?

Thanks in advance and sorry for discussing bowl movements!

I have had no issues with RTD or any other products. Sometimes go more often but no issues and I also eat a lot of salads, porridge etc.

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My breakfast also consists of porridge. I’ll just carry on and hope it sorts itself out!

Buy some heavy duty nappies.


I see you’re new here.


Hey Dani, sorry to hear this and that this ends up being your first post on the forum.

Huel RTD isn’t low FODMAP so this may explain your issues.

For fodmappy happiness, add lots of ice, drink in quarter amounts over an hour.

Is Huel Complete Protein low fodmap?

No it’s not Rich because of the soluble gluco fibre.