Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


I don’t see the point of RTD Huel when powder is available. RTD would be good to buy from shops when out and about.


Thanks for the pricing table. Ye, the numbers I use are the MOST expensive way to buy them.


I agree 100%. That is more the consumer for product in my eyes than someone who will buy 24 bottles.


@TimOfficialHuel Can I buy just 12 bottles as per your price chart or is it a 24 minimum?


A lot of negative comments on here which is disappointing!

I’m all for this and have pre-order placed already.

I for one think price point is bang on per bottle and commend Huel for this. Just look at the price of a cup of coffee or bottle of water from your local shop both of which come with limited nutritional value!!

On the bottle recycling; could you ask for anything more than “made from 25% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable” I don’t see the issue here!

At the end of the day Huel is a business and must become/sustain profitability as well as moving forward within its market area.

Well done Huel. :+1:


For some reason the EU store will only let me put 5 packages in and not 6. Is it a bug or something to do with the size of the container and shipping it?

Also why is it so much more expensive in the EU store compared to UK?

  • 12 bottle order would be 4,42€ per bottle in EU store. In the UK store it would be around 3,30 € per bottle. Thats a difference of 1,12 € per bottle.
  • This doesn’t dramatically change if you order larger amounts or go with subscription.

I understand shipping is more expensive but is it that much more expensive?


Absolutely, you just don’t get a free, super snazzy, v2.0 t-shirt (yet to be released!).

Cheers Jonathan, so awesome to have you on board! :hugs:

Same in UK, maximum is 5 boxes as that is the limit that DPD will allow. Apologies that my price structure above denotes 6 boxes. Sorry for that though, obviously would prefer to get more to you when we release but they are pretty heavy!

We would love to have equal pricing but there is so many factors playing in. UK logistics costs are much smaller as the country is smaller, in general UK customers are closer to the warehouse (in addition to the taxes etc). We are building our warehouse network but are too small to have one in every market at the moment.


I have to agree, this just seems to go everything Huel stands for.
Why plastic? Why the packaging, transportation and other factors, that Huel has been selling to us all.
They have gone against everything they stood for. What’s next Beef Dripping and Individually Plastic wrapped huel powder (each grain)?



Why don’t you dehydrate these ready to drink shakes, package the powder in bags and sell them with a long shelf life, minimal packaging that doesn’t require mass transportation? Just an idea?!



As a counterpoint to some (well, many) of the comments…

I’m a regular Huel powder user (breakfast and lunch) solely due to an RTD. I’m not vegan and I wasn’t specifically looking to reduce my environmental impact (gasp), I just wanted a convenient, healthy meal.

I’d had a few of those Weetabix drinks from Tesco, then I spotted Saturo during the Prime Day sale on Amazon and took a chance on it. I liked it, so started researching more affordable alternatives. Hello Huel.

So, because I bought 24 plastic bottles (shudder), which I can all but guarantee had a smaller environmental impact than the 24 meals I would have had, I’m now a fully paid up, world saving, t-shirt wearing, shaker owning, powder consuming part-time vegan. 12 month-ago me would find this in equal measure hilarious and surprising and assume I’ve become one of those gym bros with their protein shakes.

Very, very few people are going to suddenly think ‘I’ll go on this website, spend £40 and start consuming powdered meals.’ Some will, sure, but it’s a niche within a niche. If Huel RTD penetrates a supermarket and slowly starts converting ‘regular folk’ like me to powder then it’s onto a winner in every way.


That is good a point, but for that reason the consumer may also not want to buy a load of bottles at even more price per meal. I think being sold in a supermarket or something like that is where it is better placed, but it’s difficult to get product placement in a supermarket and then keeping it there.

I tried 3 different varieties of V1 of Saturo and didn’t like it, but I hear they are better now. If the manufacturers can conquer the sandiness and make it velvety smooth I think that is a great selling point.

I am a vegan and I spent 45 quid on Huel as a whim…well after seeing it reviewed and then joining the forum and lurking for a while…didn’t like first meal or two, but over 2.5 years later I love it. I will be getting some RTD too.


I think it’s incredibly unlikely that Huel are doing this to sell regular Huel users 24 bottles via DPD at several times the cost of the powder they already buy. But, they already have a website and a user base so there is no harm in offering them the RTD, in fact I’m sure the community will offer plenty of feedback as they work towards RTD v1.1.

The RTD end-game is surely to penetrate the mainstream, to end up as individual bottles on a shelf in your local Tesco.


How about a Christmas present for us regular Huel buyers, sample bottles of the Vanilla and Berry with our orders over Christmas/New year. Or it would be better if we could just simply purchase a bottle of each to start off with, to sample them first instead of purchasing 12/24 bottles.


Would be great if these were available in shops.


Too bad most of the replies are so negative…

I like the convenience of having pre-made Huel ready in my fridge all the time. Of course I could just mix the powder and put it in the fridge the night before.
That does not take much effort but I still forget to prepare it every time with 1 toddler running around and being pregnant of the second.

My office has a cafeteria and one single meal there costs easily more than €5.
I go there for breakfast, coffee and lunch every day and therefore I would actually save money if I were to replace some of my meals for pre-made Huel.

I’m not sure how it is in other countries but in the Netherlands if you get something pre-made in a gas station or supermarket or even a pre-made protein bottle at the gym, you will definitely pay the same or even more than what a bottle of pre-made Huel costs…

Writing this makes me realize how much money I waste by eating on the road… I’m gonna stop writing and just order the bottles… :sweat_smile:


Definitely. Being extremist just stifles potential change. If vegans weren’t so aggressive so often many more would be willing to try it.

One reason I stopped the powder was this aggressiveness and the willingness to do anything to appease them (like being anti-GMO, something basically all my peers in science agree is not bad).


Haha I love the feeble excuse of vegans being aggressive putting you off trying veganism. Show me on the doll where the nasty vegan hurt you.


Wtff in Spain? 3,56€???

Well… This is too much


There’s definitely some accuracy to it though. The harder you aggressively push something on someone the more their opinion swings the opposite way.

Slightly irrelevant, but still applicable - I’ve always loved this Jonathan Pie video about how Trump got it, it’s way too accurate: