Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


I really want to use Huel RTD as it would obviously be easier. But the cost is too much for someone doing 100%. It would be around £288 a month compared to £158 for powder.

If it came to around £200 for a month’s supply of RTD at 2000 calories a day I could justify it.


Tough crowd in this thread…

Congratulations to the Huel Team on releasing the Huel RTD! Looks like a great product, certainly different from the other RTDs on the market.

I will be ordering a bunch for my coworkers who have not been converted to the powder yet. Personally I am just too big a fan of the U/U powder - I fear any hint of sweetness would be too much for me after all these years :smiley:


I think RTD is a good idea, but saying it is for lazy Huelers is going a bit far. Let’s face it you can’t get much more lazy than mixing up 600ml of powdered Huel.
It is two different items, powder and RTD. If RTD gets new people into the Huel habit then it can’t be a bad thing, compared to other RTDs it is very reasonabley priced. I will probably give it a go. Keep a few bottles at work.


The effort i am sure that has been great but the price in spain is too high… we have very decent meals in most of the offices for 5,5€ with 3 dishes…

Huel RTD above 3 euros is something very expensive. Could be great to know the benefit per bottle but I am guessing that is veeeeeery profitable

Huel Team, are you planning to maintain prices or reduce in the long term?


Which is going to be the expiration date? 1 year or 2 years? Im planning of buying despite the prices…


@Latestfuels kudos on your very well thought out response!!

I fully agree with you: I think RTD definitely has its pros and cons, but one thing I would say is that it’s a very good way of introducing people to the concept of Huel.

In psychology, we learnt that people gradually understand new concepts by linking it to what we already know and how we can fit it into our existing routine.

My friends see my Huel bar —> I explain its like a granola bar but nutritionally complete. Plenty of my friends have now tried it and bought their own.

They see me snacking on Huel Granola —> it’s like granola, but with a lot less sugar and has more protein and is healthier.

They see this RTD bottle, it reminds them of a smoothie bottle —> it’s like a smoothie but nutritionally complete.

bam it’s no longer is seen as Franken-food weird alien liquid

It’s a lot easier to fit it into the minds of people who aren’t already consuming it, such as people who buy smoothies in meal deals. I can definitely see this product reaching a much wider customer base, and hopefully we’ll be able to buy it off shelves in the near future!!

And who’s to say once they try Huel, they won’t start looking into the cheaper and more sustainable option of buying and shaking up the powder yourself?



The use by date will be 6 months on launch, but we’ll be working on extending this.


Entire article here answer that question – Why does Huel Ready-to-drink use plastic?

Huel Ready-to-drink isn’t meant for 100% consumption, it’s healthy convenience food. It’s worth noting we didn’t envisage people using powder 100% either. Agreed that having the RTD 100% would be expensive, hence why it would be best to mix it up with your regular meals.

In addition to my below answer, generally EU markets have a sales tax of 10-15%, whereas the UK as no sales tax on RTD. A combination of this and the below leads to the increased price in the EU.


Thanks for the love and congratulations guys. :tada: it’s been a slog, but we’ve created a product that we can be proud of nutritionally as well as it tasting awesome! We just can’t wait to get it to you!


Just make the Huel itself out of plastic, it will keep far longer :stuck_out_tongue:


6 months sounds long enough to me! Although I did have some bars that went a bit past it… still ate them but they really put the “before” in best before


That’s interesting, would that be by adding preservatives? Just wondering if the usual crowd would then kick off about that as well. You guys can’t win!


We are adding but one ingredient to increase the shelf-life: confidence! We’re doing accelerated and real-time shelf-life trials on the vitamins and minerals and making sure they are still meeting desired levels at points beyond 6 months. When we’re sure they are, we’ll increase the shelf-life.

We’ve actually been running tests on trials that we ran months ago so we know we’re good on the 6 months.

I know some of the competitors are all about speed to market, but I need to feel confident in my product.


The tortoise and the hare in action


I think you (Huel) need congratulating, I have read the full write up on the RTD, and although it is not for me, I can see how it would work for others.

Well done.


Thanks for the reply. These are made in Austria though according to the page. If I understand correctly you are shipping all of them to UK and shipping solely from there. Hopefully in the future you will have more warehouses to distribute the RTD and can cut down the cost.

I love Huel and will keep consuming the powder but for my RTD needs I’ll look elsewhere. I will order a trial though just to see what I will be missing :slight_smile:


Here is what I have read:

Where is Huel Ready-to-drink manufactured?

Huel Ready-to-drink is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in USA.


EU site


I bought 48 bottles, lets see how it goes…

#BetaTesterModeON if I die, my belongings have to be send to WWF


Ah I am looking on UK page. Thanks.