Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


Huel and gas…half the posts on the forum have those 2 words in them.


The bio mass value of huel is extremely high :rofl:


That would certainly be cool. We’re always considering new ways of introducing Huel to people, and making ourselves more available. Fingers crossed for the future!

Also how good would the Huel RTD look here?!

Went to the shop and put some on the shelf


@TimOfficialHuel why is it only £1.45 in the shop but £2.36 online?


Nip in and buy it, quick, before they change the ticket :smile:


I mean it is the same for Domino’s. Best discounts are available if you go and pick it up.




Yes me too. I’m sure I read on the forum that this a route they wouldn’t take. How difficult is it to add water to a powder. Have cancelled my repeat order.


I remember it be claimed you wouldn’t do this. Very disappointed in you…


Such a shame. You could have made a good p.r. statement refusing to go down this route. I think it would win you many loyal customers choosing huel over company’s using plastic rtd route. I don’t feel I can sell you to people with the confidence I thought I had in you. So sad about this. Profit profit profit. I should know better.


HI @Tynah - sorry you feel this way. I can assure you that’s not the case. Please read our article here.


For some this is a totally alien and strange process. Many are put off by the idea of adding powder to water and shaking vigorously. Some people struggle to remove lumps due to the amount Huel needs to be shaken. I would be surprised if every person you have shown your Huel Powder to has instantly approved of it? With our Ready-to-drink we can access a new group of people. Releasing a Ready-to-drink was essential for us to grow and the best solution for the highly complex RTD product was plastic (100% recyclable and 25% recycled plastic). We have fully explained all our decision making process here

If you love the Powder, keep using the powder, we’re not changing anything here, it’s still the product you know and love.

We’ve been working on the RTD for over two years – most of the time Huel has been a business – so this isn’t right.

We’re a business and without profit we would not exist. Indeed, we make profit on our Powder, that is how we expand across the world. Of course the RTD was a business decision first and foremost. We want to expand the use of Huel (which is a great option for health and the environment regardless of using plastic - reducing meat consumption is the biggest thing you can do to help the planet) and the best way to do this is to put it in a RTD format which is a little less foreign and which will increase awareness of the product.

The decision making process was very difficult, but we have done well and will continue to make it better. We aim to be using a minimum combination of 65% rPET and bio-PET by the end of 2020.


My order just arrived! I really want this to work. Couple of questions:

Is the RTD the same quantity as the recommended 3 scoops of powder?
Could you still pour into a blender to add fruit or whatever?
Does it need a shake before drinking?



RTD is 400kcal per bottle. 3 scoops is roughly 450kcal.

It’s a liquid, so you can do what you want with it.



My RTD has just arrived. Love the flavour and texture – it’s way better than the taste of the powdered version in my opinion. It’s also great for work, when I often have to eat on the go and can’t be faffing about with measuring out powder etc. Am glad it’s so recyclable too. Congratulations, Huel! This is a great product.

My only wish is for a slightly larger version with more calories. 750 ml/600 calories would be better!


I received my order on Sunday but not tried it yet. Bottles look cool and futuristic. I am going to take one to work to replace my lunch. It is just more convenient. Before I would faff about thinking what to eat, and would often have crisps and chocolate. This will be much easier. I will also bringing an Apple and a Wholefood fruit and nut bar too.


James, really like the new product. Was wondering whether you could comment on why the nutritional information looks quite different to the powder form (or send me a link - have looked but can’t find a comparison? On first look I don’t understand why it’s 20g of protein per 100g vs. 30g for the powder. Are the two aimed at people with different goals / requirements? Thanks!


Hi @hueler1993

You might find this useful.

They are different formulas because simply sticking powdered Huel in water on an aseptic production line, just didn’t work. So, we had to revisit the ingredients and play around until we had something that worked and this meant changing the macronutritional levels a bit.


I tried it today. I had vanilla flavour. I left it to chill in the fridge all morning. I am really pleased with it. I thought it was really tasty. It’s only my first day, but so far so good.

I think it is amazing that this product even exists, and wonder why it took me so long to try it out.


DED :joy::joy::joy: