Huel Ready To Drink Shake


I love the huel ready to drink shakes, especially banana. The only issue is that it has a lot of saturated fat, a 1600 calorie diet of huel ready to drink is 100% of saturated fat. Is there a way to lower that? I love your product and love the fact that it is ready made. It goes well in hand with my schedule, but the saturated fat content is too high!

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I think without the fats you would definitely not have the same smooth texture - best to treat RTD as a convenience when its needed rather than your sole source of daily nutrition.

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Ready to drink is not designed to be used as the sole source of nutrition. The marco ratios reflect that this is a convenience product option when using the powder is not practical.

Hey there! Welcome to forum. Banana RTD is SO good right? Like a milkshake but, you know, good for you!

We’ve got to have the fat a little higher in our RTD to get the best mouthfeel and viscosity.

As I’ve said, it’s a bit of flex in the macros here. The Powders, particularly v3.0, we have the most control over the nutritional profile so if you are concerned then check them out.

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