Introducing RTD v2.0 🌱 With 4 additional flavours!

Someone told me the coffee was too creamy, I would agree, could have been higher but this is my final list!

God Tier

  1. Banana
  2. Cinnamon Swirl

3. Vanilla
4. Iced Coffee Caramel
5. Strawberries & Cream

6. Chocolate
7. Salted Caramel

8. Berry


This is astonishing. Martyn I’m sorry, I’m no longer able to take anything you write seriously. Chocolate RTD is the ruler of all RTDs :crown: It laughs at the others in its deliciousness! I’m sorry, but it’s got to be said.


Fair enough Tim, I’m not overly bowled over with chocolate and this is a little too thick for me that its consistency is more close to a whipped moose!

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I tried salted caramel 2.0. Thanks for the option to order one single bottle with another order, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried it.

I tried salted caramel because that was the only one where I didn’t cringe just by looking at the name. I still think it’s a bad idea to not offer at least vanilla as a non-sucralose version. The taste was quite OK, maybe even good. Other than that it’s too sweet. After the first sip I had to wait a bit. I’m not used to and I don’t like this sweetness. So I couldn’t imagine drinking this regularly, though I like the format for when I need to travel.

What I dislike though is the nutritional profile. It has too much fat (I prefer the Huel “White” fat level and find the Black fat level too high) while it has not enough protein (I’m looking for something between 30-40 g here).

You cringed at ‘Strawberries & Cream’? Why?!

The fat is higher because we had to balance the viscosity (thickness) with creaminess to give a good mouthfeel. This needed a bit of flexing of the macro nutrients to achieve this. To make a silky smooth, drinkable RTD these macros work a better.

Understand the protein levels don’t suit you, sounds like Powder is your jam! Thanks so much for this feedback, it’s interesting to hear you are after a lower fat, higher protein RTD, it’s come up before so you aren’t the only one!

If I’m looking for a dessert that would probably fine. But I’m looking for the main course. For that, out of the four 2.0 version only salted caramel was one that I could imagine. And as I mentioned it even tastes good, other than the too high sweetness.

I could live with the higher fat content if the protein level would be higher as well. But yes, ideally more protein less fat.

And yes, powder is great, I wouldn’t want to use RTD at home, that would be overkill. But if I’m traveling it would be a great alternative and I would even be willing to pay for it with the right nutritional profile and less sweet.

Thanks for the coffee flavour - although it would be better without the “caramel” part…

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I’ve always enjoyed your consistency on this forum. :grin:


You mean @mbs is like a smooth RTD rather than a lumpy shaken mess?

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I always enjoyed your consistency in this forum. Always personal, always insulting, even without a reason.
Just the typical phenomenon of social platforms like a forum.

I am smooth? You mean you are the lumpy shaken mess? Sorry for you…

as a baby’s bum.

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Solved via Introducing RTD v2.0 🌱 With 4 additional flavours! - #65 by stadi cc @Tim_Huel

Thanks for the option to order one single bottle with another order, otherwise I wouldn’t have tried it.

Ordering a box + samples now.

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What’s the actual amount of hemp protein?

It seems very far down the ingredient list.

Now, I guess it is similar for v1 and rice flour.

I had planned to cut back on RTD in the last couple of months but my new job has kept me so busy (and lots of travelling around) while I settle in, so I’ve actually been using it a ton lately.

After much longer with all of it I’ve decided chocolate and vanilla are unbeatable. It’s really like drinking a milkshake.

I like the V2 flavours but they’re just not as good and get a little sickly after a while. Although my boyfriend is the complete opposite and loves salted caramel and cinnamon.

But please never change the V1 flavours, they’re so good.

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Obviously I can’t say what the exact amount of hemp is. Huel isn’t open source!

Love to hear this! Milkshake is exactly how I would describe them!

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I just wanted a rough estimate if possible. Looking at the ingredients it looks like is less than 10% of the total protein coming from hemp.

@Tim_Huel are the new V.2.0 RTD available in the shops yet? I haven’t seen them.

Also, I wasn’t keen on the V.1.0 RTDs, they tasted too much of artificial sweetner and didn’t cure my hunger, they left me still feeling hungry. Did anyone else find this? Has anyone found the V.2.0 RTDs more satisfying?

Some stores yes, the main one is Holland & Barret if you’re from the UK!

I thought the new ones were more satisfying and quench my hunger better.