Huel ruined my home life

My huel addiction is costing me dear! My wife no longer sleeps in the same room as me due to this unbearable smell that’s constantly leaking from my arse (huel side effect). my heating bills have gone through the roof due to all windows and doors having to be left wide open,leaving my house vulnerable to attack. Huel does make me feel good and I don’t want to stop using it but I don’t want to loose my family! Can anyone recommend a remedy?


image get a pair of Shreddies problem solved


Charcoal tablets work really well.


At this time I dont know if you are joking or you are serious



You’ve just got to own it bro! :joy:


I don’t think there is any doubt as to who dunnit. He just needs an anti-fart miracle :laughing:


I think ile go with the shreddies :joy::joy: instead of the huel t shirt you get with your first order they should provide huel shreddie underpants


@Oli_huelbum not a bad idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::upside_down_face:

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I did actually suggest this a couple of years ago… They were too shortsighted to take up the idea. No skin off my nose… But plenty seared off the nostrils of others from stinky guffs.


I know it’s a running joke on the forum but it’s the one thing that has made me seriously consider quitting. I’m more than 6 months in to Huel twice a day and it’s not eased off at all, in fact if anything I think Huel Granola (which I have at lunchtime) has made it worse.

I work in a small office with quite a few people so often feel I have to hold it in, but that just leads to awful stomach pain.

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It took me like 3 to 5 months until the farting returned to normal, so don’t give up just yet, maybe your gut needs longer to adjust.

Try being very scientific about how much water you consume with Huel, personally I found the thicker the Huel the more I farted. So then I either drink thinner Huel or drink water separately after.

BUT! I have another much more important tip: when on Huel everyone’s, including my own, first instinct is to blame the Huel for farts and stool issues, but unless you’re 100% Huel there’s a very good chance other foods can mess around, too. For example I became lactose intolerant in my twenties and much farting and diarrhoea had to happen before I figured that out xD and by much I literally mean years. However, I think I just discovered a bonus intolerance or allergy today which I will be investigating - which means I’ll eat the stuff in an isolated manner and wait for chaos to ensue. ^^’ maybe there’s something you are intolerant or sensitive to as well?


@ukaskew. Where ever you be on land or sea, let your wind roll free. :dash::dash:


can’t you buy a dog to blame it on?


:notes: If you hated it you should have put a cork in it :notes:

Have you tried digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements? It could be that your digestive system needs a bit of extra help in dealing with Huel.

It could be that you’re getting too much protein. Huel is very high in protein. For 2000 calories per day it contains almost 3 times the recommended intake of protein, and many men will need to consume more than 2000 calories per day, so it’s quite possible that you’re just having more protein than your body can deal with.

Following up on the protein issue, here is a link to my results on an online protein calculator:

Now, it gives several numbers, but if we take the moderate range by the American Dietetic Association, it recommends between 70 to 126 grams per day. This is at about 2500 calories per day. If I was to have 2500 calories of Huel per day I would be getting 185 grams of protein, which is way above that range.

Even the calculator at (which you would imagine would be on the high side) only recommends 160g protein per day.

Hre’s another protein calculator:

That one says that my optimum protein intake per day is just 82 grams

I realise I’ve thrown a lot of number at you, but my essential point is that the amount of protein in Huel could be more than you need, and more than your body can handle, but adding digestive enzymes might help.

Hueligans - the most responsible for the emission of methane to the atmosphere. Not cows.

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