Huel Shaker Bottle Freezer-Proof?

@Tim_Huel Does anyone know if the Huel bottles are freezer proof? If I fill up the bottle to the line and add powder, shake and put it in the fridge, will the bottle then be ok and not burst/crack/tear etc.?

Hello - The Tritan body of the shaker is freezer proof but the other components of the shaker are Polypropylene I believe - which becomes brittles at temperatures below freezing. That doesn’t mean it can’t be frozen but it does lose durability the colder it gets below freezing.

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Alright, thank you

You asked about freezer and then mentioned refrigerator. Somewhat different in case you meant the latter

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I will find out. I think in general don’t fill the shaker with water fully, so it has space to expand as it freezes. But I don’t know if we have tested freezing temperatures. I would be concerned about warping of the black components (polypropylene), in addition to any cracking concerns.

Edit: We have tested the shaker under frozen conditions. We filled the shakers to 75% volume and froze them solid at -18 degrees. We then let them defrost and tested for leaks and observed for cracks. Shaker passed the tests but I would be cautious and still stand by my other comments, just in case.

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