Huel Shaker Staining Pink

Hello! I’m on 2nd month and I’ve noticed my Huel shaker is staining pink. Simple recipes, no berries etc and I clean on a daily basis by hand or in a dish washer. I know there is an ingredient that ‘blotches’ red.

Tell me I’m not cultivating a bacteria or fungus. Thanks in advance.

I doubt you are cultivating bacteria or fungus but 3 chemical-free ways to remove stains on plastic…

Baking soda
White vinegar

Any one could be used to remove stains on plastic though I tend to use all 3.

Make a paste and rub it all over your shaker. Leave for 20 minutes. Wash and Rinse

It’s also good for lifting stubborn burnt stuff in metal pans


Thank you Widge. I shall persevere.