Discoloured shaker

So when the new shaker launched, I grabbed two of them as I Huel up for both lunch and tea/dinner depending on where you are in the world. I have Black in the middle of the day and Original in the evening usually.

I wash them both out every day, don’t use the same for each, each day but one of my shakers has discoloured. It looks almost stained at the bottom and it’s not coming off no matter how hard I try.

Hands are too big to get right in but is this normal? The discoloured shaker not the hands! What causes it and how to I get rid of it? I’ve done plenty of soaking and scrubbing but to no avail!

Any advice?

It is unusual for Tritan to stain, but you could try making up a solution of a couple of tablespoons for white vinegar to 500ml of water and leave it in the shaker for a couple of hours before washing it out with detergent. See if that shifts it.

This doesn’t seem right. While it isn’t impossible for Tritan to stain, it does take a significantly longer time than other plastics. Could you send us a photo of the staining? The best way to avoid this is to prevent putting in the dishwasher with unrinsed, tomato-based dishes. Anything tomato is the nemesis of plastic, so try and rinse your tomato pasta dishes and pans etc.

We tested this extensively when we were in the development stage as this was a crucial criteria for success.

Ok so I’ll try and show what I mean. I took this pic of my two shakers. Both the same age and they have both had Black and White prepped in and drank from. I didn’t specifically have one for a white etc.

As the shakers are translucent, I’ve attempted to catch the light and both are clean.

The one on the right shows the discolouration. It’s subtle but it’s there.

Thank you for sending this through. How are you washing this up generally? Is it all by hand? Have you had anything else in there other than Huel?

Sorry I haven’t said this before, but please do get in touch with the Huel team on team@huel.com and I’m sure they will sort this out for you. My questions are purely to feedback to the team.

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Always by hand, maybe I am rubbish at washing up. The only odd thing is that I got them both at the same time.

I’ll reach out to the team.

@Fibblesnork could you please tell me which flavours of Huel you have been using? Our team want to do a trial with the exact flavour you’ve used to see if it makes a difference. Thank you!

I’ll jump in here. It’s the same for me. I have four shakers, and three have discoloured. I use them all more or less equally in rotation.

I hand wash them only, and then they get instantly refilled.

Black - Banana, S&C, Vanilla, Chocolate. Ginger and A&C flavorings.

Hope this helps.

The absolute best way to wash the bottles IMO is to take out the ice guard, fill a third with water and chuck a sponge scourer in there, stick the lid back on and shake like you’re mixing Huel. Then you just need to give the screw threads a clean. Always comes out spotless.

This is what I do, but with ice :slight_smile:

My shaker is also discolored inside but I have just assumed it is due to my lazy rinsing after each meal.