Huel T-Shirt logo degradation

Anyone know how to stop the huel logo on the t-shirts from degrading? I’ve only washed it once at 30°c. Are they hand wash only thing?

How are you washing it?

In a washing machine on 30°c and hanging it out to dry. It’s only the H that’s started coming off.

No idea then really. If you paid for it then I would ask for another.

The logo of my v1 T-shirt faded really quickly - it was printed on differently.
The v2 seems more like it’s ‘stuck on’.
I washed mine on the sport wash / technical fabric cycle in the washing machine - it’s designed to agitate the clothes less and therefore minimise damage to delicate clothing. The logo still looks fine after the wash.

Poor quality printing will wash off pretty quickly.
Either you were unfortunate to get a duff one or Huel need to use a better quality print…

Thanks, I’ll try wash it on the delicate cycle next time. Thanks :slight_smile:

I prefer plain black t-shirts, sounds like a result to me.

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Sounds like it’s been hanging around with v1 of the shaker too much.

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My t-shirt arrived actually with the back logo already broken :frowning: The print is botched. I didn’t know if I should have send an email about this, thought it was a bit silly (something about a mouth and a free horse…). Do you even have that saying in English? Anyway, it makes me not want to wear it outside. Thought it would have made a good yoga shirt, but I now work in the garden with it :wink:


Sure do:


Same in Dutch! :smile: Love these similarities between languages!


I just accidentally washed my new Huel v2 T-shirt in with the tea towels on a 3hr sterilisation wash at 90degrees :woman_facepalming:t3::flushed::roll_eyes:

I am amazed to say - the logo (and the T-shirt) is still as good as new. Now that’s quality !

I know you’re supposed to, but I didn’t think anyone actually did!

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You’re just showing off cos you’ve got a posh washing machine :grin: I don’t wash my tea towels like that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Well I use my t-towels for washing the floor, worktops, sink etc
I also have a 24yr old cat that leaves puke n poo (sorry tmi :grimacing:) on various surfaces and so I have to go a bit crazy cleaning everything. And I can’t use disinfectant because that’s poisonous to cats.
So it’s pet-safe cleaner plus sterilised cloths!

I don’t actually use t-towels to dry my dishes…
I’m too lazy
I just let my dishes dry on the drainer then put them away. Drying with a towel always seemed like a completely pointless activity. Like ironing


I wish my washer had that!

My machine is amazing!
It has a tech wash for sport fabrics
A wool setting
A duvet setting
A steralisation setting
It even has a setting to wash trainers
And one to waterproof your… well… waterproofs with nikwax!!

I seem to have de-railed this thread onto household appliances again.
Reminiscent of the hoover adventure…

What make and model is it?

Indesit Innex
It wasn’t that expensive - maybe mid range
I think a lot of newer machines now have these settings (?)
I got it about a year ago to replace an ancient machine I’d had 20yrs with 3 settings: wash, rinse, spin :laughing::laughing:

Edit: just checked my emails. It was £250. Pretty cheap. Washing machines generally range from £200 upwards so I guess mine is more bottom than middle range!!

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