Huel T-Shirt logo degradation

Ah, well that would explain :grin:
I leave my dishes to drain too, unless I want to reuse something in a hurry.

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Have you got one of those Indesit tumble dryers that have being going on fire @ChristinaT

Nope. Tumble dryers go into the same “useless / pointless” category as irons and drying dishes with a cloth. I hang my wet clothes on the line in the summer, and in the bathroom on an airer in the winter

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Funny, I would say hanging wet clothes up to dry go in the "useless/pointless category. Stuffing it in the dryer is ø less of a hassle. Amazing my clothes survive as long as it does :grin:

Not really sure where to start with this…:roll_eyes:

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Eh, I didn’t mean it litterally… Just that it’s a lot more “work” compared to using a tumble dryer :wink: Obviously there are reasons to not use a tumble dryer…

But you obviously do use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes. The planet is in a mess. Everbody needs to use less energy. Putting clothes in a tumble dryer is completely wasteful when you can dry them on a line or on an indoor dryer. Some stuff might take a few days in the winter but simple planning can navigate that.

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Not everybody have that kind of luxury. I live in a small appartment the size of a cardboard box. Only option would be to hang it up to dry in my bedroom - over my bed… If I had another option, would I then use the tumble dryer? Maybe, maybe not. That wasn’t the point anyway. I guess the fun element of my comment didn’t catch on to anyone but myself.

I absolutely agree on issues in energy usage, my carbon footprint is way below average.

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So where do you have space to put a tumble-dryer? Surely the airer could go in this spot?!

I too live in a tiny bed flat but do realise I’m very fortunate to have a garden and also my own bathroom.

In all seriousness I don’t actually have any space for a tumble dryer. There’s literally nowhere I could put it. Plus they wreck your clothes and use loads of power.

Using an indoor airer if you don’t have your own bathroom with an extractor fan is probably not possible in a small flat - if you hang wet clothes in the bedroom you would get a lot of damp and mould, unless you used a de-humidifier machine. But then you might as well just use the tumble dryer :laughing::laughing:

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Oh, I do have my own bathroom. But it’s the kind you have to squeeze your way into. It’s possible to shower while sitting on the toilet for those who fancy saving time :sweat_smile:

I share washing machine and tumble dryer in the basement with 9 other appartments. In theory I could just spread the wet clothes on the sporadic free spots on my floor, since that’s heated in the winter. But damp, mould, ekstra heating energy, hygiene and an awkward dance when trying to move around, doesn’t make that a feasible option. I would probably end up with broken bones and a weird explanation of events at the hospital.

My Huel t-shirt is thriving though and still intact with logo, even after repeated beating by the tumble dryer.

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Not quite…

Fessing up to bias here as my bedroom has a busy road outside so I rarely open the windows in there. I run a dehumidifier on a low setting so it switches on and off intermittently otherwise I get damp in the room even without drying washing as I don’t air it regularly (you breathe out a lot of water vapour when you sleep apparently). As the dehumidifier is already there I hang my clothes on a dryer in that room. But in my defence it is more energy efficient than a tumble dryer.

P.S. I compensate by only using an iron once every three years or so (weddings, funerals or job interviews and I haven’t had a job interview in 17 years :wink: ) Life is too short to iron things.


My dishwasher is top of the range. She also does the ironing.

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Haha, I live by this code :stuck_out_tongue:

Both of you please do get in touch with the customer experience team to resolve this, send some photos too. It’s important so we can clock these problems and nip them in the bud early.

Free or not, we want these t-shirts to be the sort you would pay good money for – then we give them to you for free anyway with first orders.

Also, how are you guys having such big late night conversations about household appliances?!


I come alive after 9pm.

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Are you a Goth?

No, I’m a vegan Vampire.


Count Duckula?

On saving the planet etc I read something the other day about using washing machines at higher temperatures releases more micro plastics into the ocean from synthetic fibres in the clothes, so you shouldn’t normally wash your clothes above 30°, and in fact avoid washing your clothes for as long as possible. Jeans can go for years without being washed if you spot-clean any stains apparently

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I wash everything on an eco wash at 30 degrees.
Except my cloths once a week to sterilise them. But they are cotton anyway.
And occasionally my HueI t-shirt by accident :woman_facepalming:t3: