Huel texture affecting Neurogenesis

As we all know, Huel is not a meal replacement but it does supplement and improve a healthy diet. Has anyone else seen this TED Talk from Sandrine Thuret in regards to Neurogenesis (Growing new brain cells in adults)?

I am highlighting a specific part of her talk which is in regards to soft texture of food having a negative impact on neurogenesis.

It would be interesting to see how many portions of Huel would have a positive/negative effect on this. I currently have at least 2 shakes a day (maybe 3 depending on how intense my triathlon training is). I wonder if i should be mixing up my intake of Huel from purely shakes to a shake/bar split or because Huel supplements my diet rather than replaces it, this wouldn’t have any effect whatsoever.

I’m interested on what others think.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found the paper Sandrine was talking about:

It’s one study conducted in mice and more crucially, during their developmental period. I don’t think this has much relevance to human adults.

Good point.

But even if the study was valid the texture of your food is not the only thing that influences neurogenesis. There are other, far more influential factors, like mental training/challenges, a willingness to confront yourself with different environments and perspectives and a constant drive to always learn something new. Good quality sleep also seems to play an important role. These factors are also much more plausible to me than nutrition - there are just too many people in mentally challenging jobs with really bad eating habits…

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