Huel U&U - fresh home made pastas?


I own a Phillips automatic pasta maker.
For regular pastas, I just put some wheat flour, an egg and some water.

Has anyone tried to cook pastas with Huel U&U instead of the wheat flour?


I don’t think Huel would “stick together” like a pasta dough would. If you try it, do it small scale and let us know! I guess you could try adding Huel to the regular pasta dough mix.

I would love to know if you could! Do it, do it, do it! Might need more water.

I know you can buy gluten-free pasta but it’s usually the gluten in wheat which gives the pasta dough its elastic qualities. Gluten-free has to have something added to duplicate these qualities…don’t know what that is though :thinking:


Yesterday i’ve made fresh home made sobba noodles (japanese) with 80% buckwheatflour which is gluten free. I’ve added an egg and some wheat flour. Perfect elasticity. I’ve never tried with 100% buckwheat flour.

@Tim_Huel: offer me a Huel U&U pack and I’ll cook it immediately :grin: I mean, seriously

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Question to @JamesCollier: what about nutriments degradation if I make Huel pastas and cook it in boil water? What would you use to avoid problems due to the lack of gluten in Huel U&U for making pastas?
Ideally, i’d like to find a calory free solution or something that has a negligible impact on the nutritionnal aspect of the powder.

I don’t know the process of making pasta, precisely. If you were boiling pasta, do so with the lid on to minimise potassium loss. There would also be some loss of some labile vitamins and minerals.

Thanks. The process for making pasta is extremely simple and minimal: mix the water and the egg with the flour, then the machine creates the pasta by cold pressing
That’s all

For cooking, as you know it’s 8 to 10 min in boil water

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You could try adding extra xanthan gum with the Huel and egg(s) to increase elasticity. Got that idea from here


THis is an extremely interesting idea. I would love to buy Huel pasta readymade. Preferable dry and with substantial storage life. Anyway to help with the elasticity, vegan cooks use aqua faba instead of egg. Aqua faba is the stuff that you pour off of a tin of beans. Now of course that means you need to eat beans now and then…