Huel V3.0 and the new scoop

Replied here, sorry for confusion.

Thanks so much Marc! Great to hear you’re enjoying your v3.0. Sorry you’re unsure about the scoop. We’ve looked at getting a scoop that can hold 50g, but a little less at the shape of the scoop. Because we send scoops with every order, and can’t send orders without them, we are kinda tied by what we can get our hands on so need to be a little less picky about the shape.

Since we’re here, describe what your perfect Huel scoop would be? Perhaps two briefs:

#1. Must be cheap to make, so we can send a couple with every order
#2. Perhaps a more premium one you can buy on site

Not saying we’re looking to do this but would be interested to hear what functions, shape, size your perfect scoop would be.

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Make a premium metal scoop. Copper, because it’s dead classy like. Make sure it has a connecting wire with a stake on the end. We can thread the wire through a window and stab the stake into the garden. This will carry static charge away from the scoop and safely to ground. It also means if we ever misplace the scoop we can go to the garden stake, then follow the wire back to the scoop, wherever it may be!


I’m back to being amused and a little weirded out by the scoop talk again.
Functions required from a scoop?? Premium scoops??

giving people the option to have a bioplastic one would be good - even if its a paid one - if for no other reason than warm fuzzy feelings.

You say that but I know you’ve started to take a genuine interest. It’s a slippery slope, mate! You’ll be sketching your ideal scoop and posting it to Tim by the end of the week.

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Haha :joy:
I am incredibly interested in the functions required from a scoop??

Just think of all the functions!

  1. Scooping
  2. Tiny plant pot
  3. No others
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generous sized jello shot mould

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See, @jp_mcdougall? We’re down the rabbit hole now.

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I sit mine on my kitchen window sill and if I’m having a bad day I look at it and remember all the scoop threads I’ve read. Thinking about the discussions surrounding functionality, what people want from a scoop and if the one pictured is in fact conical or just a trick of the eye puts me in a great place immediately.

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Life hack for you: take a photo of your scoop on the window sill. Set it as your phone lockscreen. Every time you take your phone out of your pocket you’ll get a little warm feeling.


Some examples I had for functions:

A clip

Scales built in

As well as, metal or plastic; how big would you want it; tapered sides or not; how long would you want the handle


I’d argue that it’s not really a scoop anymore though is it?

Classy copper, so sexy. Plus the black packaging adds a touch of gimp chic.

Seriously that thing screams NIPPLE CLAMP.

Edit: @Tim_Huel when you consolidate my posts like that you ruin the comedy timing! I’m on your side with the insane scoop spitballing but I will turn feral if you make a habit out of that.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

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This thread has gone scoopy-loopy!

I do like the idea of a slightly longer handled stainless steel scoop. I wouldn’t want it to also be a scale or a clip though… I like to keep it inside the bag for convenience and cleanliness, and it also needs to be easy to wash and sterilise regularly

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I’ve got three scoops so I’m set for scoops for the rest of my life. It would need to be one heck of a scoop to tempt me to spend money on it.

Like @ChristinaT says, they live inside the bag, so they don’t need to look good in our futuristic minimal kitchens.

Consolidate your posts. You’ve been here for long enough to know how to amend your post to add in a post script. Pet hate when people reply multiple times with no one else between, just makes the thread longer than it needs to be.

Yep fair point, those were up at the upper end of the scale for sure!

Yes I do, and I know the correct time to not do that. The correct time is when seeding the idea of nipple clamps without mentioning nipple clamps, then using the follow up post to clamp some nipples. You’ve been here for long enough to know how important nipple clamp timing is to the community. :grin:


It needs a radio powered by solar panels

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