Huel Vanilla with coconut alpro - winner!


Go for it Wendy lol.
I am surprised nobody has changed the thread title


Don’t go putting ideas in their mischievous heads!


It’s not our fault! We were legitimately responding to that comment about concerns around plant-milks and oestrogen affecting men and making them produce milk!

Edit: Well… sort of!

Anyway Tim will be able to see deleted comments so the tangent will make sense to him, even if it doesnt to anyone else!!!


Lower testosterone level


That says that there is no issue tho…


Yes @Huel that article is about soy, which isn’t in alpro coconut, and it also says soy does not affect testosterone levels. Lots of people do have concerns though around some negative effects of soy (not just on fertility, but on other health issues) for males and females, and I know lots of people avoid soya for this reason.
There’s fortunately plenty other plant milks out there though - personally I love coconut, almond, oat and hemp milk :slight_smile:


I love soya milk so much that I have a couple of big jugs nearby at all time. They are 32HH in case anyone is interested.


What would your wife think if she knew you were telling all and sundry about her ample (kitchen) assets?


I’d be sporting a fashionable Huel vanilla RTD bottle up my jacksie before you could say “I hope that’s been refrigerated!”


Ahum I guess I have fallen victim to the abundance of incorrect information.

*hides in a dark and damp place.


We have an article about Flaxseed but it also covers phytoestrogens which applies to the soy concerns I think too.

All the rest of you are scamps. Honestly :roll_eyes:. Also @Wendy_Shepherd


Lol, sorry Tim.


Martin Freeman will calm me down every time, like a cold shower. Tom Cruise is worse, and Nicolas Cage. I used to be repulsed by Jim Carey too, but have mellowed towards him recently.


I am very happy that @TimOfficialHuel quotes me. And then states that all the rest of you are scamps. I am very obviously excluded from being labelled mischievous. Phew. Gotta away with that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nic Cage lives near me part time. Next time I see him I will give him your regards.

He is a rubbish actor, so i’ll be able to see the disappointment he tries to hide.


I used to think he was rubbish but I watched a film with him on recently and thought he was quite good. Or maybe the film was good. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Can’t remember the name of it, but it’s where he takes over an old motel in the middle of nowhere and discovers secret two way mirrors looking in on the guest rooms. Not as good as Bad Times at the El Royal though, another motel based film that I absolutely loved. Apologies for being seemingly unable to stay on topic. I’ve always said I have a mind like a butterfly.


Reckon you only got way with it cos Tim is imagining the 32HH.


Looking Glass was the film in question. I haven’t seen it. The only film of his I thought was ok was Raising Arizona.


I found this thread by searching on coconut and I’m suprised to see it’s actually about boobs and Nicolas cage :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Some of us have a tendency to go off topic easily, I’m afraid. I include myself in that.