Huel Vanilla with coconut alpro - winner!


New hueler here - Hello.
I’ve been struggling with the taste (aftertaste)of the vanilla powder. Thought I would give it a try mixed with alpro coconut…it’s so nice! It is quite thick with just the alpro so I split it 50/50 with water and add ice. I’ve found it masks the aftertaste that I wasn’t keen on and it’s only 20cal per 100ml. Just thought it might be helpful


I second that - Alpro coconut works really well with Huel - its awesome!!

If you find the taste of New Vanilla a bit intense, you could try adding a bag of unflavoured to your next order so you can mix it 50/50 with vanilla - it tones down the sweetness and the toffee-ish flavour.
Also Original flavour might be worth a try - its very sweet still (I mix it with unflavoured), but it has a less intense flavour. I prefer it personally.
Everyone is different - try out a few flavours and find what works for you.

Also definitely fridging it overnight makes it nicer if you haven’t already tried that.

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Koko coconut milk is the superior one for me. Doesn’t have artificial thickeners so it’s a lot more like ordinary milk in consistency. It also uses grape juice as it’s sweetener. Admittedly it has a less intense coconut flavour but it’s so much more versatile for using not only with Huel flavour powders but with tea/coffe/cereal etc…

I highly recommend


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