Huel vs The Protein Works

Hi all

Just curious, does anyone use the complete protein as a meal replacement?

TPW do vegan diet meal replacement extreme
1 x 60g serving = 215 kcal, 25g protein

Huel Complete Protein
2 x 29g scoops would be 210kcal, 40g protein

So complete protein 2 scoops has the same amount of protein as Black Edition, with half the calories.

People’s thoughts?

Snack vs meal. Complementary but not a replacement. And if you wanna go Keto then Huel Black Edition is not low carb enough.

Just curious whether anyone would consider using the Complete Protein as a meal replacement or not?

I have it for breakfast

I had CP for breakfast and lunch for about six months but now have switched to RTD

Our Complete Protein is nutritionally complete but it isn’t intended to be used as a meal, rather a high-protein snack.

From our site:

Unlike Powder v3.0 and Black Edition, Complete Protein should not be used as a meal for your sole source of nutrition. It’s perfect any time to give your body a quick protein boost whenever you need it.

But undoubtedly our CP is better than The Protein Works :person_tipping_hand:

Thanks @Tim_Huel

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