Huel write-up in my alcohol recovery blog

Hi everyone,

I write a blog about quitting drinking, and my latest post is about Huel. Just thought i’d share :slight_smile:

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Nice. I especially liked

I love my food, and in a perverse way the Huel helps with this because it increases my enjoyment of proper food.

I completely agree with this & think Huel should relate this experience to potential consumers as it counters those that assume this is meant to be a 100% replacement & thus only suited to weirdos & other extremists who don’t enjoy conventional food; all wrong at so many levels.


Yup, this 100% this. I don’t mind not having proper food through the day at all but do look forward to my evening meals more than I used to.

Edit: OP your article was also a good read thanks :slight_smile:

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Another agreement here, these days I eat for pleasure rather than just out of necessity so when I cook I make sure I’m cooking something special.

Man, that’s a weird thing to have written lol.

Completely forgot to say, congrats on the sobriety, I’ve had an interesting and somewhat difficult relationship with booze at times. Nothing too serious thankfully, but I’m much happier with less of it in my life.

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Cheers man. It was a real eye-opener for me - just how much stopping drinking improved my life! Have you had a read of the rest of the blog? Be ace to know your thoughts :slight_smile: