Hueling Around

Hello Hueligans!

I first came across Huel when it first began (through a friend) and took the plunge to get my first batch some months ago. I’ve not looked back since!!

For me personally, I prefer something satisfying, easy to consume, filling and all in one bottle. It’s awesome for breakfast to ease yourself into the day and well . . . any other time really!

I’ve found the Huel Black Edition to be my favourite. I enjoy a plant based diet and typically consume fewer carbohydrates (helps my digestive system) so high amounts of protein and lower carbohydrates works perfectly! It works well if you love smoothies/juices and getting creative too. Just add anything you fancy, blend fruit, oats, yoghurt . . . :slight_smile: Check out a nice, simple recipe I put together here!

Now I’m onto some tasty bars! The Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavours are so good and recommend. If you’re up early, on the go or going to be exercising then these definitely help keep energy levels up and are handy.

As you might be able to tell my overall experience so far has been great. Delivery is impeccable, quality is consistent, there’s plenty of recipe ideas on their Instagram and helpful information on their products and nutrition.

Stay cool and keep Hueling!

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Welcome and good work on the recipe! I keep it simple now but there is so much variety that can be found. Big fan of Huel Black + instant coffee + cinnamon myself it’s a great wake up call before my exercise :joy:

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