Hi, sorry about that, couldn’t resist.

So just had my first Huel and have to say i’m impressed, looking on here i had a little trepedation about it but actually it is similar in texture to my usual morning smoothie (oats, fruit, protein powder) and tasted no worse than many of the vanilla whey proteins I’ve tried over the years.

So hi anyway, i’m Gareth and i’m joining the Huel family :smiley:

In about 2015 i weighed about 100kg, over the last few years i dieted down to around 70kg/11% BF. Last year i attempted to bulk a little and it all went a little wrong, i’m currently around 80kg/21% BF. Now not so wrong as i lost control but wrong enough and more particularly i don’t seem to be able to stop that trajectory. partly because i’m enjoying my training so much on a calories surplus and partly because i just have food fatigue, after 3 years i’m bored of food, i’m bored of making decisions about food and i’m ultimately making bad choices.

i know diets that could change this around, i just can’t be bothered, Keto is too restrictive, and most just require too much brain power, to much prepping or too little food.

So here i am, prepared to grab Huel with both hands, 100%, or as near as dammit and see how i go. Currently plan is:

Breakfast: 100g Huel, Creatine
Lunch: 100g Huel
Pre-Gym: 100g Huel
Post-Gym: 54g Proteing Powder
Dinner: 100g Huel + Multi Vitamin
Also allowing around 250ml of skimmed milk for coffee.

This should give me macros something like this, i’m increasing protein to account for being on calories deficit:
Calories 2000
Protein - 183g/45%
Carbs - 171g/42%
Fat - 57g/14%

i train 5 times on average a week, wish me luck and i’ll be sure to update and contribute to the community.

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Love that! Teresa on our US team replied to her offer letter with “You had me at Huello”.

Welcome to the forum and thanks so much for choosing Huel, it’s great to have you on board. I’m astonished by the progress you’ve made since 2015, congratulations! It sounds like you’ve caught the weight-gain early, so don’t worry.

There’s loads of people here who will love to give you a helping hand. Maths looks good if they are the exact macros you’re consuming. All the best and look forward to your updates!