Hydration from Huel

Quick question here, I have an Apple Shorctus command on my phone for all of my various Huel flavours / products. It adds to the Health app things like calories, nutrition and vitamins (a LOT of them) with the small variances for each flavour and product.

In terms of water content, can we realistically expect Huel shakes to contribute toward our water intake? As once mixed, it’s more of a thick food than a liquid like runny water - if I’m making sense.

I reckon it counts, but 400ml of water, maybe not once it’s mixed. Is there any scientific way to calculate how much it contributes to hydration as if applicable, I’d love to add it to my shortcuts as I also track my water intake with one of those smart Hidrate Spark water bottles.


I doubt that you could consider it as part of your hydration - as fibre, protein, sugar alcohols etc all contribute toward dehydration, so you need to consume plenty of water in addition to your huel shakes throughout the day,

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Are you tracking water for any reason other than to make sure you have enough?

No, just to make sure I have enough. No medical condition or training that needs it.

I am trying to get on top of horrible migraines as of June, so better sleep, energy, exercise and hydration that I’m tracking, might help identify any triggers

In that case, whilst it is technically possible it’s not REALLY possible to have too much water so ignore the intake from Huel and just track what you actually drink?

That’s what I do currently. Through that Hidrate Spark bottle, and some Siri Shortcuts on my phone to add regular drinks like coffee or AZ Vitamins etc.

I was just wondering if Huel (being a shake) contributed a bit toward it.

I know the Hidrate Spark app will include buttons for coffee / tea, but these contribute less than an equivalent mug of water toward hydration. Granted, they’re actual drinks and watery unlike our Huel shakes.

I ask all these questions here because it can validate what I think. I’m no nutritionist but very interested in better tracking / making sure I am doing enough for my body.

Typically, we get 20% of our daily fluid intake through foods, but this doesn’t mean we need to drink less water. Take soup as an example - while this is a liquid, and will therefore have hydrating properties, we wouldn’t count this towards our fluid intake. We feel the same should be applicable to Huel - while the water added to Huel technically counts towards hydration, continue to drink plenty of fluids along this as you would with any other meal.


Yeahz, that’s precisely why I said to @Tristan elsewhere that Huel RTD as a Sainsbury’s meal deal would still have some liquid refreshment alongside.

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