I believe I have been delivered more than I ordered?

I swear I only orders two scoops, one new shaker and one pot, I got delivered 6 scoops, 2 shakers, 2 pots…

Looking back at the order, maybe it’s doubled somehow? I don’t think I was charged double?

Since you’re a new customer of H&S a pot is included free. So if you added an additional one this is why.

Same goes for the shaker, you’ve not ordered in so long that we considered you a new customer. Hence two shakers.


  • 2 for the Powder
  • 2 for the H&S
  • 2 for the 2 you added manually

Sorry for the excess!

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Oh, seemed a little funny seeing all the scoopers when I opened the box. At least the bottles and pot will definitely see some use. Thanks for clearing it all up!

The vanilla tastes as good as I remember! I can’t wait to try the hot food tonight!

Have a great day, Amy.