I Can't be Bothered to Cook Dinner

I’m feeling too lazy to cook a good meal this evening. I wish there was some quick way of getting healthy food into myself without having to spend time in the kitchen preparing it…


I’m not sure why you are asking that question on the Huel site, LOL Obviously the solution is to simply mix up some Huel.

I hear what you saying about not being bothered to cook. That’s why I use Huel. I can’t be bothered to shop, chop, peel, cook, and then wash dishes and wipe tables. I cut all that out by simply having Huel. :smile:

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Sorry, it was a joke.

Not only that, it wasn’t even true. I could be bothered to cook that evening, and I did. Nothing very exciting, though. Really, I should be punished for lying, but luckily for me I’m too far away from all of you for that to happen.