Anyone else still producing meals for partner?

And if so - does it rip your knitting?
I like huel. I enjoy huel. One of the main benefits is not having to worry about what’s in the house and cooking etc except I do :rage:
Been home all day and produced cooked lunch and dinner for the ‘better’ half (note sarcastic tone’. Feeling grumpy.
I can’t get him to smell huel far less try it.

To be fair he’s been brilliant at supporting me otherwise like when I was craving takeaway or eyeing up chocolate bars so he’s a good un really. But grrrrrr anyway.

Anyone else? Anyone at all?

I cook dinner for my Mrs and kids and it has its pros and cons.

On one hand you get to enjoy the ‘ritual’ of cooking and sitting down together.

On the other its really hard to avoid snacking or eating leftovers.

Dinner time can be a good way to divide daytime and evening and with just Huel and not cooking for anyone, I’d miss that aspect of the day.

Before I started I tried to be really organised and put loads of things in the freezer that could be bulk cooked like bolognaise, chicken & leek, beef stroganoff and lots of soups.
I still find myself preping and serving them despite threatening to let him manage himself. I think I’m a bit of a control freak though and take over even when he does venture near the stove. My own worst enemy.
Tonight he threatened to get himself fish n chips. I figured smelling the salt and vinegar would be harder than cooking a meal.

Why won’t he try it? Is it just because he loves food so much that he’s worried that Huel will ruin his love of food?

Maybe you could start going a bit mental with your cooking and do some really strange recipes. For example, pasta with grapefruit flavoured sauce, followed by marmite flavoured cake for desert. But then, saying that, maybe he’d just go and get fish & chips if you did that.

Maybe he’'ll come round eventually once he starts to see how good it is for you?

Or perhaps good old bribery would work? Could you do his share of the housework for a week in exchange for him replacing one meal a day with Huel for a week?

Lol @Marcus
He probably thinks my cooking is a bit weird and wonderful as it is. I’m a waste not want not kinda girl and I hide loads of obscure things in dishes. :smiling_imp:

I don’t know why he won’t try it. He says he doesn’t like fads. I’ve learned that he’s a stubborn and bull headed as I am so I’ll leave it be. He might come round in time but if I force the issue hell dig his heels in and hate it out of spite.

There is a glimmer of hope. He said yesterday that my shape was changing and my wee (a kind word that replaces large) pot belly paunch was considerably less he was quite impressed st this and I know the thought is in his mind that he might fancy a bit of his own middle age spread.
I’m saying nothing. If he comes round he’ll come round in his own time.
I hope soon though because when you’re busy it’s hard to cook for one. Especially when that one isn’t yourself. You just get to sniff the food.


Sorry for typos and poor punctuation. Typing on phone.

sounds like you need to keep the Huel and dump the partner!


It’s okay, I just assumed you were typing with your elbows while making your husband a Huel & peanut butter sandwich.

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Snigger. No. Just speed typing on the iPhone.

During my 100% Huel binges (or rather experiments) my wife did all the cooking and almost all the washing up. It somehow occurred naturally, we haven’t even discussed it. Note: I don’t consider mixing Huel as cooking, that I did on my own.
I washed the dishes from time to time though to compensate for the odd cup of tea I drank. I also occasionally assisted when my wife prepared food for herself.
To be frank, my feelings from those times were that it was almost unfair towards her for the amount of work and time preparing and eating demanded while I was free to do whatever I wanted.

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I grudge the effort of shopping, preping and cooking when I don’t get to do the eating. I find it incredibly hard to resist :frowning:
I end up leaving the huel and eating the meal.
This morning I made him poached eggs on really nice bread toast. I totally caved and made myself a plate too. Then we were out and about and had to wait on truck being repaired so went to a restaurant and had lunch.
I don’t intend to forgo ALL niceties in life but I’m skipping more huel than food at the moment.

That must be so hard, I don’t think I could deal with having huel if my partner was cooking/eating food!
The only thing I can compare it to is that I cook/prepare food for my daughter. Luckily I am incredibly fussy so I only buy and make food for her that I don’t like…stops me being tempted!

My Mrs had a pizza last night and I managed to say no and go 100% Huel for the day.

But if I’m just having Huel for lunch, I can’t stop myself from binging on junk in the evenings.

But if I tell myself I’m going 100% Huel for the day, I find I can say no to temptation.

It’s either all or nothing.