Dinner ideas

I have Huel for breakfast & lunch and was wandering what are good healthy dinners to have in the evenings that don’t include Huel? I’m guessing just a variety of healthy meals though out the week but does anyone have an actual go to menu that gives them everything they need through out the week?

Hey Pete!

Welcome to the community :smile: I tend to do the same as you though, I don’t think it matters too much as long as it works for you and you make a super tasty meal!

Here’s what my evening meal week may look like for me:


  • Creamy mushroom and pea pasta (GF/VG)


  • Chilli con carne or butternut squash and fennel curry (GF/VG)


Left overs from Tuesday



Saturday / Sunday

Usually I choose something out a book called the Roasting Tin Book. Here are the links to the ones I use and I totally recommend these! Super easy as you just prep the ingredients and whack right into the roasting dish. Done.

Quick Roasting Tin

Green Roasting Tin

The Roasting Tin: Simple One Dish Dinners

You can also check out the #recipes section on the form for ideas and ask any more questions you may have :face_with_monocle:

Hope that’s useful and again totally worth checking out the Roasting Tin Book. It saved my life and time and gave me a variety of dishes to choose from that fitted into my lifestyle.

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That’s great mate thank you. I’m a bit worried about how I can keep a healthy diet and keep getting into my body all the right things when I’m on just one main meal a day. Some good ideas there tho thanks :+1:t3:

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Hi Pete,
I’m the quick and easy type of meal person so usually just make omelette or pasta dishes for my dinner.

I do like crackers and cheese for a snack as well.

I’m pretty boring, I tend to eat Chicken, rice and peas most night sometimes swapped for salmon and potatoes.

Weekends I sometimes treat myself with a sunday roast and something like mac n cheese or lasagna and if i’m lucky and it’s payday sometimes a pizza.

Ahh ok, I was thinking I’d need a bigger dinner then that but you’ve got your snacks in between your meals there too.

At the weekends do you allow yourself to have deserts few beers etc or have you stopped all that completely?

TBH since lockdown I hardly drink at all. I’m sure I will when I get back out with the lads for a curry or night out but at home I just don’t much. I can see me having a cider or two when having a BBQ in the sumer.

I tend to only have a yoghurt for desert but im not much of a sweet tooth.

I have hit my desired weight now so more likely to have cheat days to maintain weight.

Yeah I would eat more regular food at the weekends. No point in missing the nicer things in life.
I generally use Huel to make my work life during the week easier, I just don’t have to worry about packing lunch’s etc…

If you have a rice cooker I have an amazing recipe called “put rice and vegetables in the rice cooker and eat raw tofu on the side” amazing.