Evening Meal

Hi everyone!

Does anyone have any advise on what would make a good (vegan) meal for the evening to round off your nutrient intake?

Obviously Huel only gives you all your nutrients over 2000 kcal. So if you were having breakfast, lunch and a snack of Huel throughout the day, what would be your nutrient intake and what else would you need to eat to get to 100% on everything?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks a lot!

chickpea spinach curry with wholegrain rice
chilli with lentils to replace meat, mixed beans, pepper, onions, mushrooms, onions, cashews - with quinoa or wholegrain rice, and a side of homemade guac
tofu and veg stir fry, as many diff coloured veg as poss: red pepper, carrot, broccoli florets, mushrooms, courgette, pak choi. Noodles.
Salads in the warm sunshine with buckwheat, quinoa etc, beans
Jacket potato with side salad and baked beans is pretty healthy. sweet potato as an alternative


Quorn is a good alternative to meat though not all is vegan due to use of egg white. I use Quorn pieces mostly and they do a vegan version. Great for curries, chillies etc.

I like some of the Quorn stuff but didn’t like the Quorn roast much, quite dry. Linda McCartney Sausages are supposed to be ok not tried them yet

I don’t touch Linda McCartney stuff or other veggie sausages/burgers because of the onion/garlic content.

Nutrient dense foods such as green veggies paired with legumes such as beans and lentils should help. Try inputing a well-balanced, nutrient dense meal into cronometer (either the app or website) along with your daily huel and that’ll help you to Gauge what you need to consume more/less of in order to hit your micros/macros.

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Pease pudding pie with vegan hot water pastry. Like any pie can be eaten with mushy peas and mashed potato. Mashed potato can be made creamy by adding oatmilk.