I just had my first (v2.0) huel bar choc and orange a little disappointed :-(

Yes exactly! I have this problem with every other ‘food’ / ‘snack’ / protein or ‘healthy cereal’ bar that exists.
This is literally the first one I’ve tried, that’s really nice, takes me ages to eat, is satisfying, about as complete nutritionally as you can get, AND I never want a second one. For me, it’s spot on. Perfect. Please don’t change it !
@Tim_Huel I’m tagging you in for my feedback… but know the bar will probably still change anyway as so many people don’t like it. But I wanna cast my vote anyway…


I won’t be renewing my subs for the bars. Will eat what I have, half a bar at a time, until they are gone.

Agreed. If they were too scrummy I would binge on them. Please don’t make them too nice. :worried:


Try putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so (not in the wrapper). Softens it up a bit, surprisingly stays warm for a while if you put it back in the wrapper. For me makes it a bit more pleasant to eat.


Interesting idea. It’s not really surprising that it stays warm in the wrapper, as the inside of the wrapper is reflective. I might try that.

Me too! Sounds good :grinning:

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Maybe that’ll make a difference to your enjoyment of them - that would be good :slightly_smiling_face:


Certainly would. They are growing on me. Can still only eat half a bar at a time though :grinning:


But they fill you up, won’t that stop you binging?

Overeating because it’s just too good :sweat_smile:

Just microwaved half Huel bar for 10 sec and found it much easier to eat. Thanks for the tip @grizzly :grinning:


There’s definitely some logic to not making something so delicious that you don’t crave it. We believe this is true with Huel Powder, however there’s definitely a middle ground between current Bars and a [insert your fave chocolate bar].

Being a UU loving madwoman: I love the bars just as they are.
I seem to have different tastes from the majority of you sweet-toothed New Vanilla & Berry loving, mars-bar loving wierdos.

UU, Mint-Choc, Mocha and Choc-Orange bars all the way for me

Edit: Ooooo and caramel boost. Wow thats delicious for days when I want a sweet treat. And adding cacao powder makes it DIVINE.

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UU yay! :yum::crazy_face:
I’ve pretty much gone off Mint-Choc, found the mint taste a bit overpowering after a while and only use it occasionally now to finish the bag. Love vanilla, find Original overly sweet but good with flavour boosts. Coffee is really nice, well I think so, understated and not sweet. Like it on its own or goes great with mocha flavour boost, cacao or banana when I fancy a change. I like berry too, occasionally. Definitely NO Mars bars here. Too many calories :smile:
PS caramel fb is yummy :yum:

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I have been enjoying the Grenade Caramel Chaos bars way too much and I agree that I keep wanting more. They are dangerously good.

Perhaps not being super delicious might not be a bad thing.


I don’t want softer ones! I love that I can chuck one in my bag and it survives bashing about and extremes of temperature. I prefer the cocoa ones because I found orange were softer!

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So I had my first bar last night after my latest delivery. I was happy. It was exactly as I had imagined after reading this thread. It was rich, with a hint of orange. Nice to eat but not moreish so no way to binge on it but half a bar worked out great as a snack in the evening.


Yay :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I’m really really hoping that they don’t have that dark chocolate tastes anymore and are closer to milk chocolate.

If anybody does taste some can they let me know if they are nearer to milk chocolate and less bitter.

Even you Tim yes you count lol :slight_smile:

For those of you who loved the v2.0 Bars then check my post out here.

Gonna head over to the office now to get some! Will let you know as I can’t quite remember.

I would say they are a little closer to milk chocolate. I don’t know why but I get almost a taste of nutella (no nuts in them dw!). The main difference is the texture though, it’s really good!