I only have access to Huel v 1.1

Hi! I’m new to the forum and to huel products.

I was wondering if anyone could clarify as to whether or not there are different versions of the powder available at the same time. I seem to only be able to order the v1.1 when i log into huel. I bought chocolate, U/U, and vanilla listed under v1.1 in the US, and the chocolate was awesome, but the vanilla has a fishy aftertaste that I can’t seem to choke down. In fact, it leaves me with obvious fishy breath that my wife and friends say smells disgusting to them. Weird that I don’t get that from the chocolate, but I’m wondering if there is a different, non fishy version of vanilla I can order.

You might want to join the US forum because here in the UK and Europe we have different flavours, slightly different ingredients and different version numbers, so our answers are likely to confuse you.
I’m not sure what US vanilla tastes like, but the UK ‘new’ vanilla tastes like toffee, the ‘original’ vanilla tastes like cheap white ice cream… in my opinion. I prefer the original although it’s very sweet, it’s more neutral tasting. I mix it with unflavoured Huel to reduce the sweetness.

Thank you, I just realized my mistake and created a US account. Both of those versions of vanilla sound phenomenal, and knowing that Americans tend to desire more sweetness in their food, I’d guess the US version is probably supposed to be sweet as well. Mine tastes like sour fish, so I’m thinking it must be a bad batch. Or else maybe my taste buds are just messed up. Haha. Thanks!

I’ve certainly never heard of anyone describe it as tasting like fish :laughing: :fish:
If it you think it’s a duff batch I would email them with the batch and time stamp of the bag and they will arrange for you to send it back for testing.

Thanks. Personally I like my fish baked or fried, not blended.

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Sounds a bit fishy to me…Is it time for some more fish puns again? I had a whale (I know, but they do have fishy breath) of a time last time we did.