I think Huel has changed my skin tone

I’ve been using it daily for a few years now, mainly in the mornings where for some reason I am starving but have no appetite. Anyways I wouldn’t say I was pale but I never really tanned, now it look at myself and see this huge change. Was wondering if anyone else experienced this, I could post a picture but I don’t really have a before and after.

as far as I know the only foods that can affect your skin tone are ones high in carotenoids - and I don’t think there’s any beta carotene in Huel? even if you are eating such foods - you have to eat a LOT before it begins to change your skin pigment.

Ah okay, might just be that sun which is doing it (=. Hope it stays out. Still I just never tanned much before, thanks for clearing it up though (+

I’ve got a new ringtone.

That’s anal bleaching for you.


If you are eating healthier than you would have before Huel, could it be improving health improves skin and thus you skin looks healthier as opposed to different?

This happened to me when i frst started using it (almost exclusively 9 out of 10 days) in college 5 years ago. My skin developed a healthy glow… I knew it wasn’t in my head when my parents visited and commented on it. The stuff can be quite magical, and I am glad I discovered it during a time when I found eating very difficult, letalone eating healthily.

Perhaps it was the vitamin D. Something we do not get much of in Scotland.

Oh I was eating soo badly, literally doing nothing all day eating processed food. I did start to eat healthy then go to super healthy mode, then discovered Huel, its been years now. I am a lil more relaxed about my diet now though, still yeah different isn’t the word. It’s not often, especially now the sun is out, but during the winter months I’m asked where I have been. The funniest occasion was when a Middle Eastern guy thought I was from the Middle East.

Awwh I kinda want to do some research on the stuff now. I kinda did eat healthy before Huel but now relaxed about it, still drinking Huel and skin does look extremely healthy.

There are nutrients in Huel which help contribute to normal skin: vitamin A and zinc.

Lycopene is a carotenoid and is included in Huel

However I don’t believe any of this, in the amounts people typically consume Huel, would have any impact on the actual tone of your skin!

yeah you would have to be having over 20mg of carotenoids a day every day for a sustained period before it might change skin tone - thats like 2 kilos of Huel a day - at which point, orange skin would be the least of your worries :slight_smile:

The very first thing I noticed about huel years ago when I tried it in college was that my skin went from pale to glowing. It’s what I imagined people were trying to say when they lie to pregnant women, telling them they having a beautiful glow. :sweat_smile:

My first guess was it could be the vitamin D, since we don’t get much sun in Scotland, and I was not taking a supplement, but it could be any number of unknown deficiencies.

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I definitely became less pale over the years, biggest ‘culprits’ would probably be higher Hb (from 7 something to 8 something), bigger fat mass and bigger muscle mass. This all happened pre-Huel/other similar products for me.

I did have a classmate at uni who had in fact become orange, but home girl ate maybe a pound of carrots a day or something :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Iron, zinc, B12, B6 and folate deficiency can all lead to pale skin can’t they?

If prior diet lacked those, I’d have thought Huel would definitely help?