I tried Jimmy Joy and I'm back to Huel

I tried Jimmy Joy as I heard it had a better texture to Huel. I do enjoy Huel and one thing I find a little difficult is the clumps sticking to the side of containers and how hard is is to clean the container due to the clumps. If I want convenience, I also want convenience ​of washing up :slight_smile:

Anyway I’m back to Huel as although JJ had a few nice things, I think Huel is the better product for me.

What I liked about JJ

Texture - With less liquid you get a thinner and easier liquid. No clumps and easier to clean

Pack sizes. This is quite big for me and I didn’t know how big until I tried JJ. A pack contains 10 400 kcal meals. This meant I could try all of the flavours easier and the packs store away in my cupboard much better than the much larger Huel bags

Cost - it’s cheaper. But not that much cheaper as I’ll outline below.

What I didn’t like
Taste - I found the flavours mild and so didn’t enjoy the taste

Texture - Even tho the powder is thinner, it’s a little gritty and I found I had to refrigerate it overnight (much like I do with Huel).

Nutritional profile - Huel has a better carb/protein profile and Huel black has the best imo. More protein means I feel less hungry. I found using the standard JJ, I needed three scoops to keep me satisfied. I considered trying JJ active which has more protein but that’s still only as much as Huel white so likely I’ll still need more JJ to keep me satisfied. This ties into cost as I need more JJ to keep me satisfied this costing me more in the long run

Soya - JJ say that soya has a bad rep and maybe they are right. However, having 1-2 JJ shakes a day, every day is too much soya for me

Artwork - Ok this is a little picky but I’ve got to say, I just can’t stand the badly drawn cartoon artwork they use. If it well well drawn, I might feel better for it and sorry if it sounds mean, the artwork is pretty poor

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Can’t wait to finish my last pouch of JJ and get back to Huel


Well it’s nice to have you back, Himesh.

Just to say that this

is also connected to this

A thicker meal is going to leave you more satiated than something really thin.

Regarding the lumps in Huel, have you tried blending it? There are a load of really handy blenders which don’t create much more washing up than a Huel shaker and will solve the issue you have with lumps.

Look forward to having you back on the team!

HIya, I get on good with the new bottles and shaking. It’s more the bits that stick to the side that are a mild annoyance :slight_smile:
I can love with those as everything else is good

I’m greedy to get all the little lumps out so I add a little bit of water and shake it up, drink the dregs, & repeat as necessary… Can’t bear to see any Huel going down the drain. :grin:


I don’t like to waste any of the fine powder either :slight_smile:

it’s not the leftovers I mind (I don’t get any clumps)…it’s the transfer of the powder into the shaker pre-shake…tiny spillage EVERY time!!

admittedly that’s no fault of Huel…totally on me but infuriating every time!

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The new scoops make it worse, I find powder gets stuck in the ridges they have.

Maybe a 1.5 years ago I did the same switch from Huel to JJ, but I have returned again maybe 3 months ago. I don’t really care about all the misinformation regarding soy protein (I normally order myprotein/bulk soy isolate), but I really do agree that Huel just tastes better, thicker and of better quality. While I still order JJ Plenny Bars (I prefer them to Huel or any other brand), I am back to Huel powder.

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Yup, that does bug me too haha.

Yeah, not great. Although I find that once the powder is stuck in there you won’t get any more powder stuck until you wash the scoop which I only do after each bag

For me the problem with soy is it’s mucus forming which isn’t great for me and more mucus leads to more snoring (which isn’t great for my wife)

I received a sample of the vegan Be Nu this week - vanilla. Someone mentioned it in another thread. (it’s a Myprotein range that has advertising that is aimed at Huel users, and attacks Huel in my opinion).

It’s horrible to drink though. Really sickly sweet and I could hardly finish it. It was also not as filling, and thinner despite less liquid needed per serving (as per instructions). Mixed well in my Huel shaker - no lumps. Like Huel I did refrigerate overnight. It contains soy (not that soy bothers me, but it does some). It wins on price but that’s it.

I’ve switched over from JJ because they’re raising their prices due to the pandemic causing the ingredients to be more expensive. If I bulk buy Huel, it’s cheaper than JJ.

I’ve tried a bag of huel in the past and instantly noticed when having my first shake since then that it tastes so much better. I really like Huel being grittier and I personally would never blend it even more in a mixer, it’s just perfectly fine for me the way it is.

Maybe she can find a use for the empty Huel bag.

It’s good you found something you like :slight_smile:
I just looked at the JJ pricing and it still looks cheaper unless you’re comparing JJ active to Huel white (which is probably a good call as those are the most similar)

Good thing she’s a little more imaginative

They will implement the change in price as from the tenth of February. And yes, I’m comparing with JJ active.

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