Huel vs jimmy joy/plenny

Hey there… I am new to this forum and I am from Denmark. I’ve been using Huel and jimmy joy shakes and bars for a little time now.
so i am om a 1800-2000 kcal diet a day since i want to loose 6 kg weight and I’ve been using huel and jimmy joy shakes and bars for 1/2 to 2/3 of my daily calorie/nutrition intake and then solid food for the rest.
Here’s my opinion on huel and jimmy joy.

I definitely like the nutritions macro and micro in huel, and I like it is a little more thick. I also like the whole marketing and see through regarding to ingredients they have.
I must admit I am not a fan of the taste except chocolate. I’ve tried vanilla and banana and vanilla is just horrible for my palate, and banana is way too sweet and taste really artificial.

Bars. the bars are quite good but too expensive and have to high amount of sugar compares to jimmy joy bars.

I diffenately prefer the taste og all shakes flavors in jimmy joy and the consistency. they are actually quite tasty, and for me based in Denmark more cheap.
it is actually a little hard for me since I am no nutrition expert. but I don’t like the maltodextrin, so I’ve been buying the active version which doesn’t have that.
also i am not sure if too much soy is good for you, I’ve been reading both for and against soy. I also don’t like their marketing thing and it is too hard to see through of the ingredients % of their products.

Bars. I really like their bars they are tasty and have lower sugar content than huel bars. But again maltodextrin and soy, I am still unsure if its okay to consume.

So all in all I like both products, I would deffinately prefer huel due to the macro and micro nutrients. BUT I just don’t like the taste of most of their flavors, and you do need to enjoy a shake. So I really wish they would taste more like jimmy joy and I would be 100% satisfied :slight_smile:
…and again I really enjoy jimmy joy but I am just to unsure of the maltodextrin and soy ingrediens is okay for you.

I would appreciate with any others have some input on their experiences with both huel and jimmy joy :slight_smile:
also ill try to answer my best if you have some questions.

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I started using Jimmy Joy, Queal and many more 6 years ago until I found Huel on 2016.

On powder, Huel without a doubt is better but after the price increase, my Huel meals of 600kcal are 2€ and its a lot. I dont like soy protein, but what makes Plenny significantly worse is the maltodextrine, I cant understand why they still use it.

The Plenny bars are awesome its a must have. 400kcal in a bar is a lifesaver if you trave. The normal ones are trash, sweet as hell, I had to sell them.

yeah… but I think they also have maltodextrin in the Plenny bars.

well I actually love the normal ones, and they are almost half the price of the Plenny bars.
Huel bars good as well for a snack.

thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Jimmy Joy’s normal Plenny shake and Huel are 2 very different products. Only Jimmy Joy’s Active line is comparable to Huel.

I also like the thickness of Huel and I also liked the taste before v3 but now chocolate has an odd taste and Huel isn’t as thick anymore… Huel made v3 thinner while people like you and me switched to Huel because of the thick texture and enjoying it as it feels like a true meal.