Huel versus Jimmy Joy - a biased approach

So! I found two packages of Jimmy Joy in the supermarket, vanilla and chocolate. I bought them cause I’m curious to taste the difference with Huel.

I chose Huel over other brands for a number of reasons, but seeing JJ in the supermarket, I had to try :slight_smile:

I didn’t try it yet, that’s for tomorrow, but two things already. One, I don’t like it that they sell one portion pouches. So much waste! Secondly, the package says to mix the powder with 300ml. That’s much less then I mix my Huel. I know there are some thick Huelers out there (hehe), but I normally top two spoons up till 600ml total volume. Then I have around 310 kcal for 600ml of food. Here, it will be almost 400kcal for only 300ml. That doesn’t sound filling enough.

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting! I’ll post my notes here :slight_smile:

P.S.: Does anyone have a good exorcism ritual to clean my Huel shaker afterwards? Or will the logo fall of while shaking the JJ?

I tried JJ years ago when they had a less penisy brand name, and unless they’ve messed up their formula since then you will probably like it. They had a really nice banana flavour! I bought their full size pouches though - single portion pouches do sound terribly wasteful.

Feel free to ignore the instructions if you don’t like a thick one. The consistency is just like Huel so if you mix at the same ratio it will be fine.

I had one of their shakers too. I put it in the cupboard with my Huel shaker. When I looked the next day it had disappeared, but there were now two Huel shakers. Survival of the fittest.

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:rofl: For a moment there I thought you were going to say that they procreated… A Huel shaker with a green top?!



They have changed the formula quite a bit, particularly if you are talking about the Joylent period. You might not even recognize it anymore… (hyperbole).

In my experience, their new shaker is better than Huel’s, but this might change soon.

Didn’t know they had these. On the site they have 5meal (one day) bags, I think.

Anyways, no harm on trying.

Why do you say that the shaker could change? Do you have information about this?

Was a JimmyJoy ( JJ ) user in the beginning ( also tested Queal ) but after seeing the nutritional profile of Huel there´s no turn around.
And JJ has some ingredients I don´t want to:
Fluoride (removed on recent v2.1) soy flour, soy protein.
It´s seems they removed maltodextrine ( don´t know if they use isomaltulose).

Despite that I cannot find any package real label ( only ingredients and nutritional infomation on site ), which they presented in the older versions.

Even If JJ tasted better it´s for me still a no go. I don´t buy MRPs based on taste. I consider them as real food, and sometimes the only one I get in a busy day ( for me 50/50 Huel U&U with oat drink is the best natural combo).

Also Huel seems, IMHO, much more professional, scientific oriented and “less fun” regarding marketing presentation. Probably they have a different target audience.

Also JJ present their meal as 400Kcal vs Huel as a 500 Kcal, which dilutes the price difference, and that still wides the gap with Huel winning on free shipping costs in more situations ( with less expended amount) and the price per meal decreases when you upgrade your subscription for more bags.

Huel is the best I could find and with the best quality/price ratio for a more natural ( non-organic) vegan MRP.

Its a staple on my daily life.


Not really, sorry. Some comments on the US forum about how they were looking to improve it, but this often means that won’t be happening any time soon. If not they would be more positive.

I was just being hopeful

Short post. I didn’t really like the JJ vanilla. It tasted too grainy, like flour that’s dissolved in water. I didn’t feel that I really had a meal, more a drink. Taste wise, I also prefer Huel. JJ vanilla didn’t taste bad, but it did taste like I imagine a weight loss shake would taste like.

I’m going to try the chocolate tomorrow, but will leave it in the fridge a bit longer (like I do with Huel).

On the site it’s indeed pouches of 5 meals, but that equals to more plastic per meal, right? They indeed seem to aim for the cutesie imago, but they’re Dutch, so I can see where that’s coming from :wink: Also don’t like the soy too much, but I don’t have good scientific backup to make this a very valid point.

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I used to be a frequent Joylent user before ditching to Huel.

Want to try again Jimmy Joy after they finally remove the maltodextrine, I miss the banana flavour an the bars. I will probably start buying again the bars, I dont like a lot the Huel ones

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