Ignore this thread - use official one

Do you mean you’ve only ever had original vanilla and have now switched all 6 bags to new vanilla without tasting it. If say that was quite risky. Assuming you like original well enough if I were you if go for 1 bag of new just in case

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Ah good suggestion - i’s thinking it’s vanilla after all, it won’t be much different from the original which is also vanilla - what can possible go wrong :smiley: … but good point, i’ll go for more original than the new one, cheers !

Yes it is quite different. I’ve tried new twice, once by choice and second time by shipping problem and disliked it both times. Won’t order it again - though others have an opposite view. Not sure if I’ve seen someone say they like both though.

I found the new vanilla mixed less well with other flavours, and seemed a bit too sweet compared to the original vanilla. I would highly recommend going for a single bag to try out first. You might like it fine, but I’ve seen plenty of people saying they are sticking with the original flavour mix.