Improving taste

Hello all, I have just taken my first order. I ordered the unflavoured version. I tried it yesterday and it tasted awful even with the strawberry flavour powder ( I may not be doing it correctly). 3 scoops of huel 2.5 tea spoons of flavour powder and 500ml water.

My main questions:

Water or milk for best taste?
If adding cinnamon etc how much do you add
Any other ways to improve the taste eg instant coffee with milk?

Thanks for reading.


That’s a lot of flavour powder, to be honest I always go with the vanilla version as a base even if I’m adding flavour. The portion should be 4 scoops, 0.5 teaspoon of flavour as stated in the package. I do 1 teaspoon sometimes. A good one is 4 scoops, 0.5 teaspoon, half a banana, 6 ice cubes, 400 ml water. I do half a banana because I do usually 2 together and save one in the fridge because I have a big blender.

If you are doing unflavoured you need to use significantly less water, I really couldn’t crack up unflavoured, it was ok in savoury version (with stock cube) or as flour for cooking stuff, but as sweet shakes I think vanilla is always better.

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Wow. Congrats on jumping in with the unflavoured & unsweetened version. That’s definitely the deep end.

I would suggest milk as that would help a bit and then maybe some vanilla milkshake mix. But obviously milk & shake mix will add to the calories.

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Thanks guys. I thought that would be best. I’ve bought some cinnamon and soya milk. Will try those with a banana and blend. I ordered some flavour drops also from my protein. May try that with water.

I really don’t want to wast it but wish I had gone with vanilla. :see_no_evil:

Hi Tom, if you haven’t tried the vanilla version yet, it’s definitely the better tasting of the two! It even settles better and has a thicker consistency. To cope with the unflavored version I used coconut milk/banana, I found adding some berries also helps.

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Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I will try that for sure. :+1:

same thing here, I just ordered a sample (vanilla flavour) I mix the whole sachet with 550ml of water approx, I shaked it… and… it made my stomach heave, I tried for a while but I couldn’t finish it and finally I throw the mixture away.

Probably I did something wrong, but the texture was like water with lumps floating in a brownish colour, not very appealing… it’s a pity because I don’t have more to try and I don’t want to buy another sample as I am not sure that I will be able to cope with it, it’s like you have to try and try until you find a way in which you can manage.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

550ml was too thin for me, I think 500ml is good. Use a mixer ball to get rid of lumps.

Vanilla version is much better than unflavoured, in my opinion. Goes well with the flavour packs too.

I use a mixture of 2 vanilla scoops and 1 unflavored scoop.

My first Huel was 3 vanilla scoops, I could barely drink the whole thing from how bad it was.

Then I tried 3 unflavored scoops, and I only drank half a bottle.

2 vanilla and 1 unflavored is a lot better, but I think what’s really happened is that I have become accustomed to the taste.

With your next concoction, whatever flavor you end up mixing, chuck the bottle in the fridge and save it for later - It tastes nicer if it’s been refrigerated for a few hours/overnight.

I got angry with myself because of how yucky I thought Huel was, stay cool and calm and persevere!

I’m not a big fan of the strawberry flavour myself, but I’ve tried all sorts with the unflavoured Huel. Adding more than a teaspoon of the flavour can be a bit much. Try less.

My least favourite flavours in the cupboard were the pineapple and coconut and the strawberry. Rather than chucking them out, I combined the two and it’s not bad! I have a weird palette!!!

Have a go with this:

500ml water
120g (ish) of Huel
2 or 3 teaspoons of cocoa powder
a nice squishy ripe banana
a teaspoon of cinnamon
add a teaspoon of xylitol or stevia if you want something sweeter.
Blend until the neighbours complain.

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Thank you for choosing Huel. Awesome to see you on board. Sorry to hear you aren’t loving the Unflavoured, I am not a massive fan as it is a little earthy. The vanilla is epic and I very rarely even add flavour. Huel fills me up so much that on days where I have it for breakfast and lunch I have to make it sweeter to coerce my body into eating more!

I would say use milk on occasion. It tastes awesome, but it will disrupt the macro-nutrient proportions somewhat. Perhaps just as a treat a couple of times a week?

I would add half a teaspoon of cinnamon, shake, have a taste and add more if needed.

Instant coffee is really good. Just add a teaspoon or two and shake it with the Huel and water. For a really epic morning Huel then add some cold brew coffee, you only need a tiny bit because it is so strong!

Have a look at this page too for more flavouring ideas - How do you flavour your Huel?

Hope this helps you out!

I found the same…I got unflavoured and the strawberry and its just awful and doesn’t work.

What I did is get chocolate almond milk (alpro) and mix it with the unflavoured…it makes it taste malty which is quite pleasant really. Of course the milk has sugar but to be honest I wouldn’t get the stuff down me otherwise.

I agree with others - the Vanilla is easy to drink everyday.

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@Tom_Burns, keep a bottle of water in the fridge, take it out, pour it into the Huel container thing. Fill the water bottle back up and pop it back in the fridge. That way, you are always having a cold Huel, without needing to keep an actual Huel in the fridge for 24hrs. Also, add Agarve honey to the cold Huel - that’s what I do with unsweetened, and it tastes nomnomnomish.

Thank you huelers for all your input. I have taken on board all of your advice. I was shopping today and have spent approximately ÂŁ3,000,000 on ingredients :joy:.

About to try some new ones for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a training day so I hope it works.

Thanks again all.

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Awesome, let us know the combos you have gone for. We have a really cool recipe book that has loads of great recipes in too which you can access here if you haven’t received it already -

Today, I tried vanilla blended with some frozen grapes. Yum


So far (one month in) my favourite is a dozen or so black grapes together with some high juice apple and elderflower squash (Marks and Sparks do a good squash). The elderflower really complements the vanilla and the grapes give a good bass note (if that isn’t too pretentious!)


with Vanilla?