Increasing viscosity (personal discovery)

Well spotted that man!

However, the humour in what I said lies in the deliberate questioning of which way around was meant or which way around was appropriate - and those two may not necessarily be the same! I was also hinting at you being old which, given that I’m 57 and a half, is probably a bit of a stretch.

And talking of stretch, my rather lame attempt at humour is now stretched ultra-thin by a) being explained and b) me realising that, actually, from the perspective of more than half of the population, I’M old!!

well - I’m in my 50’s too, but I’m identifying more with Centenarians these days - so I can feel more juvenile :slight_smile:

Has anyone of you tried glucomannan / konjac flour? Theoretically it should work, at least if would very likely increase the satiating effect. But also digestive problems and stomach pain - so would you try or recommend it?

I agree with you Simon. Gums (the E numbers you picked out) are used not just as stabilisers but as thickeners too. These gums can have synergistic effects and we use xanthan gum in Huel, which might also explain the difference you noticed with another brand.

Yes and it’s my go to! There’s a really good article from the BBC on plant milks, I’ll paste the main graph below.