Individually Packaged 400 kcal Portions of H&S?


tl;dr any plans to sell prepackaged 400 kcal portions of H&S?

I love the H&S but have gone off it a bit as I’m always left with too much powder at the end of the bag.

I really try to mix it up each time but it never evenly pans out.

Are there any plans to keep the big bags of H&S but put the contents into small paper sachets (of 400kcal) like they do with porridge oats?

Or some other solution where it comes pre mixed?

This did come up in the original launch thread - but it seemed they were less than keen at the time for a few reasons. Dunno if they would be more interested now that they have a broader range and retail outlets.

Great to hear that’s what you’d like to see from us in the future, we’ll have to see what happens!


I agree, I’m always left with small amounts at the bottom and when made, doesn’t taste as good. Great to use if you have another bag or flavour to make a combo.

I’d have loved to see this, or something like pots to rival the big noodle brands.

My main issue with H&S is, no matter how I shook or scooped, I just never got a really consistent meal.


on the flip side of that - it would be nice to see the Daily A-Z’s offered in 6 serving PET bottles as well as individual cans.

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I would absolutely love this. But appreciate the environment probably wouldn’t…

With advancements in packaging materials and expanding recycling chains, I think the challenges would be less about the environment these days and more on logistical issues such as new packing lines and keeping retail prices at a level where they’d appeal on shelf vs. other similar (but admittedly less healthy) individual meal options. That would all make it a pretty tough return on investment conversation to have I guess.


Yes very good points…

Spot on @Phil_C.

There’s a Complete Food brand that’s been using recyclable packaging for multiple years now. And another that only uses “local” ingredients (same or adjacent country).

Huel team always says it’s impossible for them but it can be done, the focus is just elsewhere.

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Looks like the new pots have answered my prayers.

I can’t avoid to bulk buy huel anymore but am looking forward to seeing the pots in stores available individually.

Be great as part of a meal deal so you could get the protein amount up to a decent amount with a shake and bar for under a fiver.