Infographic on How to Combo Huel Flavours With Flavour boosts

Hey, Just trying to make some infographics around Huel and the different recipes. I thought I would start by how to combo the FS with diff Huel Flavours.

Feedback is very much appreciated. What FS+ Huel Combo is your favourite?


You need a key to state what the small and large circles mean but if my assumption is correct you’re saying original + cacao FS doesn’t work as a combo. I don’t use the FS but I do use actual cacao and it works brilliantly with original.

I think he’s saying small circle = add a small amount, large circle = add a normal amount

Or maybe small circle = works a bit, large circle = works really well, no circle = doesn’t work

Interesting that you haven’t included New Vanilla
Personally I think that the only things that work in new vanilla are instant coffee and mint-choc boost

All the flavour boosts work well if using a combo of original and UU

As for cacao… we all know that I add that to everything and anything. It’s the best boost ever.

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I was just going round in circles trying to work it out.


Good spot. I hadn’t seen no circle. So yeah, it definitely needs a key.

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You need your eyes tested mate :wink: :laughing:


Ha, I suspect a little bias here…

Ok, so it is not as intuitive as I thought.
Nothing is NO go
Small Circle is somewhat
Big is winner

I mostly agree on that, but toffee and caramel on its own are… meh, in my opinion and work better with cacao based or vanilla base.

I think I do, after causing so much confusion on experienced Huelers.


I think I need to go back to the drawing board. I have an idea for a different approach almost finished. I’ll see if that’s more appealing.

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A different take.


These are great! Of course you could include Vanilla and Banana powders on the flavour chart. I thought the flavour chart was pretty intuitive already, but you could use different icons like a tick and a star… and consider using fewer of the “highlights”, i.e. majority small circles but pick a couple of firm favourites.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty subjective at the moment, but google forms is an easy and free way to make a survey and I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would fill it out here if you want to collect some data

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Mm, yes you are right. The google forms suggestion is great. Otherwise one of those polls Christina so much loves.

Currently is very biased indeed.

How many polls has @ChristinaT done? I have only seen one on CHOCOLATE :grin:

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Love the infographic- it looks great. I was thinking it would work well as an app where you could have “meal sections” like your Low calorie snacks or Power lunches and then drag them into a planner to build your Huel Day. I’d have no idea how you go about building something like that but would be a great combination of planner and new mixture inspiration.

Two tiny amendments - I’d suggest Shaken or Shaker rather than Shaked. Plus in the post workout should that be one scoop of protein powder rather than one vanilla of protein?

Yep, absolutely.

This is cool. I agree that “shaken” is better than “shaked”.

What does the H in the right hand column mean?

Hippopotamus…if you prefer a non-Huel version

But there’s no indication of which colour code corresponds to which subspecies of hippopotamus. It’s not very useful for choosing flavours. I do know that every hippo’s arsehole is a perfect match for berry Huel.

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Was thinking of making the Chocolate Based day in honor of :joy:

Mm, Yup, good suggestion.

It was the initial iteration, but I thought it lacked specification. At the end of the day, you are right could be almost any flavoured protein. I thought for going double vanilla.

That’s a great idea. I wish I had the IT skills for that…


Hippopotamus Original, Hippopotamus Berry, Hippopotamus CHocolate, Hippopotamus U&U, Hippopotamus Vanilla depending the colour. I was going to add a legend perhaps at the bottom, but I am not great at using the space.


I think @David is the legend when discussing hippopotamus bottom (or arsehole in particular). I shall in future refer to them as hippobottomarse. I have emailed my pal Dave Attenbro to suggest he does the same on the next Blue Planet series. I think the “fuck off mate” reply he sent indicated he is up for it.


I think it’s a good starting point! Some concerns I have:

  • make it more obvious that this isn’t official, maybe with a small disclaimer
  • I feel like there’s a lack of structure, the key on the top left feels like it’s falling apart, maybe confine it in a box. I’d also move it to the right side, as the icons it contains are there too. The font used for the calorie count feels a bit too heavy in comparison to the rest of the text. The ‘kcal’ label is way too prominent in my opinion, as it can be assumed. The nutritional info looks a lot like the recipe, maybe do something to differentiate it more (then you could also get rid of the black lines)? I also feel like the preparation method (blended/shaken) should be separate from the other info and more prominent.
  • The icons don’t match, consider making them more uniform
  • The color-coded H’s are a bit problematic at the moment. First off, they don’t add any value for colorblind people. Second, I think they could cause confusion along with the smaller H’s. There are quite a lot of color schemes going on in general: Huel powder, Flavor boost and menu item.
  • the recipe section in general could use some work, I feel you could get good results by combining the icons more intimately with the text. Maybe have the Huel flavor text - or better yet - the recipe name color coded by the Huel flavor used, that way you wouldn’t need the H’s. Then a separate section for the main ingredients (fruits, coffee, milk, etc) and finally the ‘spices’ (Flavor boosts, pepper, parmesan, etc.). This would also provide a sense of proportion, as currently one could assume the soup for example has a lot of cheese in it, while in reality it’s mostly carrot.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I’m way better at critique than complement, so don’t take this the wrong way :smile:


Thank you so much for the feedback. very thorough and appreciated. Many of which show that I am no expert on infographics and I kind of suck at design (I don’t have a natural knack for color matching etc).

I think your points are very valid, so I will try to work around them.