Integrating Huel Black into your day

Huel Black was launched just prior to Christmas.It apperas as though many people have tried it for taste and texture. Huel Black is lower in carbohydrate and higer in protein per serving and is also Gluten free. There was some conjecture on previous topics about what it may be useful for. For those who are now integrating Black with their diet and for information this topic may be useful.

I tried it out of curiosity and also because I dislike sucralose.

However, the increased protein really suits me on some days as I find it very quick and convenient to cook vegetable only meals for the remainder of my diet, so I feel huel is fulfilling all my protein requirements and I get extra nutrients and carbs from all the vegetables and fruit that make up the rest of my meals and snacks.

I now use UU ‘white’ and chocolate black edition regularly, choosing the most appropriate for that meal or day.

Most days I still have regular UU for breakfast as I like carbs in the morning. And the black edition makes a great lunch or dinner.

I can see myself using both regularly now.

I’d still love to see a lower fat version to come out however.

Out of interest, why?

@GTIPuG because I find it difficult to digest fats. I get occasional problems with my pancreas so I’m supposed to follow a low fat diet. I also have hormonal problems which are improved greatly when I reduce fat intake. My body just seems to have great difficulty metabolising fat.

Also, despite being extremely active and eating only Huel and vegetables for the majority of my diet, I have very high cholesterol. I’m fighting a losing battle as it’s in my genetics (both parents have high cholesterol) and I also have celiacs disease which interferes with digestion and absorption of good fats and therefore it’s really important to minimise fat intake as much as possible.

So, basically - a whole range of health reasons specific to me!
I’ve been directed by my GP and NHS nutritionist to reduce all fat intake to try manage these conditions.
If Huel had a lower fat version this would be very helpful.

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