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Don’t know if it was posted, but that’s very interesting thanks! In my opinion what makes Huel-like stuff work is that I don’t feel like it’s a diet. Eating less stuff or avoiding certain foods is difficult, instead with Huel I’ve lost like 8-10 Kgs just with two Huel meal, without controlling calories too much and having a normal meal per day and even pizza every saturday! It really helps feeling full, at least in my case.

I never felt I was eating less than before, even if it must be. Also, taking away sweet cravings played a big role. :slight_smile: Ok, I guess if I were obese I would have to go harder and probably 100% like in the study, so it would have been more difficult.

I’ll keep this article in my archive to show to my skeptical friends. I like it’s not “magic”, but science. :slight_smile: