Introducing v3.1 🖤

I feel really dumb not having thought about this :joy:

or even try adding a pinch of salt to to the salted caramel powder?

What a mess… is there a real or complete summary of what is changed? So many missing information

Also the removal or decrease in some elements is so weird for a product that claims to be Complete. I am very confused. I always used to add a pinch of salt, now I have to add 2 pinch?



@airiartev rest assured our v3.1 powder is still a nutritionally complete meal, that hasn’t changed. We have a breakdown of the full changes and nutritional differences on our website. I wouldn’t say you need to add 2 pinches of salt unless this is your personal preference after trying our v3.1 powder.

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Something can be complete and still improved. The word has two different meanings: either including all necessary elements, or absolute/total/perfect. With Huel it’s number one, obvs.

"We can’t change the price of v3.1, we can only choose to consume or not consume v3.1 for 100% of our calories, and for that the nutrition aspect is more important in this thread.

In theory, if someone who was consuming v3.0 for 100% calories, and wanted to make v3.1 the same by adding what has been removed, they’d effectively be paying more now. So a diet of Huel would no longer be the same price for them - and I made this thread to illustrate that for the most part it isn’t necessary to pay for the extra stuff that was removed."

Been using Huel since v1.0 and I’m a member of the 5000 club

Love the Huel team and how they care about their customers so I don’t mean to come across as overly harsh but just wanted to give my feedback on one particular aspect of v3.1 - the texture

I absolutely can’t stand the new texture i’m afraid… it’s strange, thick, lumpy and sort of like phlegm / mucus.

Plus - when I combine the U/U with Huel Black, bananas, peanut butter, cocoa powder and ice (my daily go-to) it coagulates and splits and becomes especially odd and uncomfortable to drink. I’ve made exactly the same mix with 3.0 U/U and 3.1 U/U (all other ingredients equal) to test and with 3.1 the whole thing just splits in the fridge after a few hours, with a whole layer of what looks like oil or clear sugar liquid or something. I don’t know if its a reaction with the bananas or peanut butter between some ingredient that has changed from 3.0 to 3.1 or not… has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas about what could be causing it?

Also, just pure 3.1 on its own I find the texture really nasty compared with 3.0.

I would so love to be able to still buy 3.0. I preferred absolutely everything about it (including everything that has been discussed to death on here re: eg probiotics) and would be willing to pay more ££ for it. Just wanted to give my feedback in the hope it contributes to decisions made down the line, perhaps for future versions.

Tl;dr - I really, really, really hate the texture of 3.1 compared to 3.0 sadly :frowning:


Thank you for being such a loyal Hueligan @Rafi_Clang :heart:

I’m so sorry you’re disappointed with the v3.1 texture, our aim when making v3.1 was to improve texture for a smoother more enjoyable Huel.

It certainly shouldn’t be thicker than the original and the splitting sounds odd. If you could please email and send over any photos as a reference if possible, We would like to look into this for you.

I’ve seen some negative opinions regarding the taste of v3.1 and I finally got my first Chocolate v3.1 powder. It’s ok, taste is a little different from v3.0 but for me it’s similar enough. It’s like chocolate combined with some vanilla powder. Fortunately it doesn’t taste bad (as I was afraid, seeing some of the comments) and I can continue drinking Huel :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your feedback :black_heart: Have you noticed an improvement in texture with v3.1?

I did! It’s smoother, better than 3.0.

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removal of pro-biotics

This thread is about to make a comeback: Errrm, Huel Poop - Experiences - Huel

Do we really need all this fibre stuff? We can’t digest it, what’s the point except making us fart?
Edit: just saw this:

All the fibre comes from the main ingredients and, in Huel v3.0 or v3.1, we don’t add additional fibres nor do I feel we need to be adding them here

Would like to echo this here man, all the vegan, vegetable and synthetic stuff has absorption/bio-availability questions that must be answered as generally it’s absorbed less than the meat we like to demonize so much nowadays.

Do we really need all this fibre stuff? We can’t digest it, what’s the point except making us fart?

Ok, maybe we can’t digest fibre, but that’s not the same as saying fibre isn’t digested and metabolised into nutrients that are utilised by humans. There are loads of benefits - digestion, glycaemic control, lipid-lowering, etc, and that’s without mentioning the substrates produced from gut microbes that modern science is only just beginning to reveal.


Ive signed up here just to tell you that vanillla v3.1 just tastes worse in my opinion. Ive had 1000+ shakes of Vanilla v3.1 in the last years - and the new vanilla, even after giving it some time, tastes just like 20% worse. Still somewhat like the original vanilla, but more artifical, like theres a spritz of sanitizer in it… I literally thought that I hadnt rinsed the detergent I use to clean the shaker well enough. But soon realized it was the taste of v3.1 …
But yea, texture is like 10% more smooth now… But never was a problem for me. If you knew how to shake it correctly (adding water in stages) it was pretty much the same before…

I went through one bag a week, but it seems like I will stop repurchasing after this

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Welcome to the forum @a_s I’m so sorry that it’s due to you not enjoying Vanilla v3.1.

Thank you for your feedback and I will, of course, make sure to pass this on to our product team, however this flavour profile doesn’t sound right so to get some more information from you, could you please email with details of the taste and batch information. I’m sorry about your experience with v3.1 and hope we can help.

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I posted this on the Chocolate thread but sadly I do not enjoy the new Chocolate, I have sadly paused my sub for now. Will see how I get on and if I can get through the bag right now.

Sorry guys I just do not enjoy the Choc 3.1. (choc 3.0 was my fav) I do not want to buy more if they are affected.


I’m so sorry to hear this, could I ask that you please reach out to our customer experience team at it would be good to hear about your experience with this flavour and we would love to be able to help in some way.

The worst thing is that there are two “caramel” flavours now. I have sold the one I got (thought I would still get the old v3.0 as it was indicated at the German webstore) without even trying it.
Haven’t ordered anything since then. In Germany yfood seems to be the most popular brand, I really think about living on their shakes only.
Why does everything have to be mixed with “caramel”? I can’t imagine that many people like such a sickly sweet flavour.

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I’m hoping they make some camel flavoured ones. A bit of nicotine and a smidge of dromedary. Bet you’d still moan though.


I like it when something really silly tickles me, todays is the above, thanks. :rofl:

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