Is 3.1 not Low Fodmap?

I was previously a long term Huel consumer but had a break of a year due to… stuff (I shan’t bore you) but decided to go back to it so purchased some recently. I’ve had really dodgy bowl movements for two days but assumed it was just the normal settling out that happens with starting Huel. But then I checked the ingredients and saw faba beans listed, faba beans are not Low fodmap as they’re high in oligosaccharides, one of the fodmap that causes me the most problems. The website says v3.0 is low fodmap but doesn’t mention v3.1. Has it been tested/is it low fodmap? I’m really concerned I’ve just wasted £50 I can ill afford to lose :confused: @Dan_Huel (before you leave) or @Jess_Huel can you help with this?

Hi Kate, it’s nice to see you back.

It’s a good question. The amount of faba bean protein is relatively low, we’re sending v3.1 powder off for FODMAP testing but we haven’t got the results yet.

@Jess_Huel will update you when we receive them. Apologies I couldn’t give you an answer today!

Thanks @Dan_Huel, I’m hoping it will be good to be back. I had black yesterday and don’t feel as dodgy today, not sure if related. Is faba bean in all three iterations or just white? I’m a tediously sensitive wee flower (a doctor once said I was a delicate English rose… I didn’t go back to him :flushed::sweat_smile:).

It’s just in the white powder and Complete Protein. Probably best you found a new doctor :joy: