Is berry white powder really that bad?

I’ve started using huel white powder over black now cuz of stomach issues, I know taste is subjective but I’ve read a lot of bad reviews on berry, is it really that bad?
I plan on getting my usual vanilla to be safe but wanting to sample a different flavour, I normally like black strawberries and cream, does berry not taste like that?
Also anyone who may have thoughts on banana/salted caramel and cinnamon, chocolate as well as that is difficult to master taste wise, again aware everyone’s taste differ but I like to read opinions on them :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think Banana is nice. Chocolate grew on me but it took a while. Cinnamon Swirl is very tasty but too sickly sweet for a full meal. Berry tastes like if your house caught fire in the night and you can hear your kids screaming somewhere, but the smoke is so thick you can’t find them, and you’re panicking and beginning to black out. Some people like it but I don’t know how.

Salted Caramel has the same problem as Cinnamon – it’s too sickly.


I’ve really spoiled my kids for Christmas this year. I pushed them both down the stairs, then dragged them outside and reversed my car over them.

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What do you mean with “stomach issues”? Epigastric pain? Heartburn? Have you let your gallbladder be checked? Black Edition contains more fat and might cause more issues if that is the problem.

H pylori along with reflux issues, suspected LPR/gerd and most likely gastritis off the back of antibiotic treatment for pylori, but the stomach issues have caused major throat irritation from the reflux so the bigger bits in black definitely exacerbate the throat which is why I’m preferring the white right now

:joy: yes I read somewhere somebody said berry tastes like it’s never met a berry in its life!
I thought I liked sweet but when I tried salted caramel in black I realised I’m not as much a fan of sweet flavours as thought which has put me on the fence with salted and cinnamon

Mine prefers to be striped or spotted.


So the bigger bits are the problem? Have you tried using a blender? There are also portable, USB-driven blenders with the shape of a shaker. Keeping the shakes in the fridge over night also gives a smoother texture.

Another option would be trying to mix white edition with black or protein powder. Or black edition with a perfectly smooth meal replacement powder.

I can’t imagine any consumer blender will do a more thorough job than the ultramassive megablenders at the Huel factory. A USB blender has no chance.

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You mean RTDs should be used in this case?
I have no experience with those, so I can’t tell whether the taste is comparable to the powders. Are these less sweet or more like a meal? Would you recommend it to her?

And by the way: Epigastric pain after consumption of fat is typical for symptomatic cholecystolithiasis, and an ultrasound is a cheap, easy and fast way to rule it out.

I mean it’s the NHS I’m dealing with so unfortunately there is nothing quick about that, they have given me omeprazole for first visit, lansoprole for second visit and then famantodine for the third, so basically just a lot of PPi’s which would be fine if I didn’t know that reducing your stomach acid is not always the best thing long term

The long term use of PPIs can cause osteoporosis or vitamin B12 deficiency. Did you get a gastroscopy? Or where does this diagnosis come from? Has your GP done an ultrasound?

I first tried Berry 3.1 Powder in August. Initially I loved it, it tasted sort of berry Bakewell or something to me originally (the Huel taste plus the fruity Berry taste). It was a big hit but having ordered it for October / November I did sort of go off it. I don’t like how much it makes the bottle stink either, I think that put me off.

I seen the bad comments on it too.

Best thing to do is give it a try, maybe you’ll like it.

Originally I hated banana - massively so. But it grew on me and became one of the easier to drink flavours surprisingly.

Also on Huel bc of ongoing stomach issues / fussiness over normal food. Hope you get sorted :slight_smile:

Also had issues with Black Powder having tried it this month, not for me but will finish the bag.

The new flavors are all pretty great, and Berry is the best in my opinion. It reminds me of Strawberry Yogurt and it’s even better with some oat-based drink.

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All flavours are sweet, so if someone has a problem with sweet-only meals he will have a hard time living on Huel only. The only exception is unflavoured/unsweetened, but only few people like this one. It can be used to tone down the sweetness of other flavours.

Welcome Albo! I agree with you - i really enjoy the berry too!

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Berry is one of my favourites, it’s in my regular rotation. I would be hard pressed to say which berry in particular it tastes like and would settle on strawberry. It’s nice and I really like it best in spring/summer.