White Hueligan looking to try Black

Hey guys I’m a big White and H&S fan and now am looking to try black and have a few questions;
Does it keep you as full as white?

What flavours would you suggest avoiding?

What flavours would you recommend? (I like White Banana, White Vanilla)
I also tried Vanilla with the taster pack and liked most of those (specifically apple cinnamon)

I heard negative feedback of Black Vanilla - has it improved?

Since I am biased I will let others give their advice on which flavours to avoid. But do experiment yourself, Vanilla is great as you now know. If you liked all the Flavour Boosts, then try the Banana Powder definitely!

I think so. Also, the glycaemic index in Black Edition and v3.0 (what you refer to as ‘White’) are very similar. 16 in v3.0 and 19 in Black Edition which suggests they should keep you full for similar amounts of time.

(which is to with how quickly a food causes sugar levels (glucose) to rise in blood. The slower the carbohydrate is digested and absorbed, the lower the rise in blood glucose and the lower the corresponding GI value)

I find the Black Edition keeps me fuller for longer, I struggle to drink 2 scoops worth because I’m full before I get through it all. But I’ve also read that it’s the opposite with other people.

Flavours are always subjective. Black Edition banana is my absolute favourite. Salted Caramel is pretty sweet, but I love it because it hits that sweet craving you sometimes get, but with the added benefit of being nutritious