New Strawberry flavour boost giving bad acid reflux?

After trying the flavour boost sample pack I ordered a full bag of banana, and noticed the new strawberry had just been released and grabbed one of those too. Unfortunately while the banana is great, the strawberry is giving really bad acid reflux shortly after having some. It also has a really strong “artificial” taste to it that’s hard to describe.

Has anyone else experienced this with the new strawberry? I noticed it’s one of the few that contains Citric Acid which might explain it. Any tips on dealing with this so I can at least use the bag up? It’s a shame, I was really hoping for something as good as the banana.

I don’t know about the flavour boosts but I get acid reflux from Huel sometimes. I’ve found that adding a splash of milk helps, as does making the shake a bit thinner and sipping more slowly (as opposed to glugging the whole thing down in one go)