Is Flaxseed lesser evil then soy?

Hello community,

I have tried meal replacement foods like Mana, Powder Matter and Saturo. It turns out, that I have probably problem with soy in a long term (because I tried to copy the ingredients one at a time and the problems started with soy). I have some not-so-heavy Histamine intolerance issues, which are somehow related to hormone disbalance at the end.

I was wondering, whether Flaxseeds is not the same potential problem as Soybean, because both are listed for content of phytoestrogen. Whole the phytoestrogen thing is quite controversial and I was not able to conclude it by websearching, so I wanted to ask:

Is there anyone, who has problems with soybean protein (ideally soy-based meal replacements), that is ok on Huel in a long term (say 4+weeks)?
Or vice versa, is there anyone with soybean intolerance, that is also sensitive to flaxseeds?


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It depends what you mean by “problem” Rado.

In terms of histamine the amounts in both v3.0 and Black Edition are below the levels of detection for our tests, so contain very little histamine.

For phytoestrogens it depends what you’ve been looking at. This article may help you:

Thanks for the information and link Dan.
I have read through the forum and some whitepapers in the mean time and I gues there is just too much variables to go through just analytically without data I cannot currently provide.
So I just give it a try, and perhaps share results, for future Histamine-intolerance users.

Thanks. And great community btw.
(Sorry, original motivation was more to try to get some empirical insight on HI users + Huel)

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I can’t tolerate soy products - it’s okay very occasionally but definitely not in large quantities or small quantities every day.
I have no digestive trouble with flaxseed

Thank You very much ChristinaT, that was what I have been looking for.

I am on the second week on Huel, 3 meals replacement. Sofar it looks like it works really well for me, just don’t want to celebrate yet.

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That’s only 1 person though…a bit dangerous to go with that.

Yeah but they’ve already been consuming huel for 2 weeks anyway so… :woman_shrugging:t2:

yeah, they’ve not posted since, all your fault.


It just did reset focus to what I’ve been interested most to.

I am already second week on Huel, so I am pretty sure I am not gonna die.
While I have usually quite an early digestive reaction to soy, to impair histamine balance takes for me some time and it acts more gradualy. I have usually symptoms like nausea/dizzyness, physical weakness, brainfog, digestive and skin problems.
The problem is, You can mess with histamine levels even by doing workout (e.g. or more histamine could be in some cases produced by bacterias in gut when there are more proteins suddenly. And I am completely lost when it comes to flaxseed and phytoestrogens, because there are too much incosistency accross different sources.

So currently I am trying to observe the trends on Huel.
There are just so many variables, and it takes lot of the time after each attempt to get the body back to normal and try some another subset. I already spoiled the results with intensive spring workouts.
So I am really interested in anybody’s experience with histamine intolerance and their working routine for sustainable and active lifestyle on meal replacement.
(sorry for too long and uninformed post, really beginner in all of that)