Is huel good for a truck driver?

Would huel work for someone who isn’t all that active and on the road all day every day? I’m looking for ways to lose weight and meal making and prepping is very hard in a semi truck.

Weight loss or gain is not related to huel/food. It’s just about eating less than you consume.
The concept of huel is that is nutritional complete (won’t miss any macro nor micro nutrient) and easy and quick to make. But as far as weight loss, it depends on how many portion you’d get

I would say it is perfect to help you lose weight as it makes calorie counting so easy.

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I would disagree. For me Huel is a weight gainer, I am able to get enough calories to bulk thanks to it :slight_smile:

If I was driving a truck and meal prep was difficult and I wanted to lose weight (whilst being sure that my meals were all complete and balanced and calorie-counted) I think Huel would be perfect.

but on the other hand…

If I was driving a truck and meal prep was difficult and I wanted to gain weight (whilst being sure that my meals were all complete and balanced and calorie-counted)… I think Huel would be perfect.


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Yes because I can’ imagine anyone wanting to steal a cargo of Huel although @David might do for the berry flavoured powder.

in that respect, yes it would be convenient for you to use as you have many options available to you - chilled Ready to Drinks are becoming available in petrol station convenience stores and you also have the option of either making up shakes and hot and savoury meals quickly in your cab during breaks or having them premixed up in thermal flasks.

as Luca mentioned though, to lose weight you would also have to be in some sort of calorie deficit and getting some form of exercise when you can - even walking.

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Not really, that would make it easier to be in a deficit, but it’s not required :slight_smile: it wouldn’t be “being in a deficit and getting exercise”, but “being in a deficit while getting exercise, so it would be easier to be in a deficit”

Teacher here, don’t always have access to good-enough foods. I’ve found that when I get complete nutrition like I get from Huel my brain works better, my energy is better, and I don’t reach for the junk foods to stay awake. Complete nutrition in a meal means you don’t have to get extra calories just to pick up some minor nutrient you’re not getting from dinner.

If you can replace at least one unhealthy (fried, carby, sugary etc) meal a day with Huel and not eat extra then it would be useful as a weight loss tool. You will need to make sure you’re not overeating in other areas, especially snacks.
It can be a great aid if you use it right, I would give it a go.
Prep may be a little difficult on the road depending on how long your Hauls are. Long Hauls you might need to use the Ready to Drinks more. Shorter day hauls and you could meal prep the day before and take it on the road with you